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2022 Writing Goals

Ahoy! It's that time of the year again.

Most writers keep goals but not all of us meet the target. Still, I think having a destination to work towards in mind would be a great start. Hence, here are my 2022 writing goals.

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Some of you might know that I've been procrastinating a lot with certain projects that have snowballed into something absolutely terrifying. Yes, it's called editing. I have several fully written, unedited manuscripts waiting for me to finish them while Krustallos struggles to find inspiration for the covers I requested for. Therefore, this is my first goal continuing from 2021.

#1: Publish E-Ghost, Godfather World, Time Cross Academy to Amazon & Kindle

Pretty straightforward.

#2: Writing FL Romances

For those who were on my discord and are active on it, you might already know that I'm working on something with Goodnovel using a different pen name. The book is currently not approved yet but I've decided to try my hand on CEO and werewolf stories after Sunscar's urging. At the same time, she has promised to stop procrastinating after nearly a year to start giving ML writing a try.

We're going to help each other past this invisible glass ceiling we've both been feeling pressured by. Please give us lots of encouragement, sprint boosts and reasons to keep writing!

Also, for those interested, Goodnovel is hosting a new competition. Check it out here.

#3: Collab Work Projects

I think this is pretty obvious ever since I wrote blogs about writing with Aina Wang. Although the progress is still slow and my expectations are high, I think we will slowly iron those out in 2022. We did about 10 chapters in 2021 alone so I think it was a rather promising start.

At the same time, 2022 will be the year I collab with another writer whom I will not reveal now because I do not want to raise everyone's hopes before it is actually confirmed. We're still in the middle of talks and extremely busy individuals so nothing is really confirmed yet.

#4: Comic Serialisation?

This one actually came up rather suddenly on me, not going to lie. My BFF Krustallos and I were simply chilling at her house and she showed me the things she worked on with another talented artist friend back then. *cue the teenage drama background music*

We're trying to see if that guy is still interested in bringing that comic series back to life after nearly a decade. If he is willing, I'd be the content writer for the series working alongside the artist. Nothing is confirmed but this sounded rather perfect when it happened. Life is full of opportunities like that somehow.

In conclusion...

A new year will present new challenges. 2021 was rough with all my irl problems weighing on me. However, I think with that base sorted out, I can finally firmly place another foot forward on this rocky ascend to success. In my next blog, I will be talking more about my irl goals for the new year. Stay tuned and share with me your writing goals for 2022!

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