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2022 Writing Journey Review

Time flew and smacked me in the solar plexus, I swear. The last time I did my 2022 goals blog in January, I was full of optimism. Now, I can only cry in shame as I battle depression and burnout alongside barely completed goals but let's go through them, shall we?

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#1: Publish E-Ghost, Godfather World, Time Cross Academy to Amazon & Kindle

I actually managed E-ghost for this. It's not in Kindle but I managed the paperback version. You can check it out here or get a signed copy by going to my Patreon. There was also a review about Amazon's printing quality you can view here.

Apart from that, I barely completed Time Cross Academy's full content in November. Godfather World's 3 seasons are still sitting unedited in my newly bought Scrivener software but I swear I have to get to it. I'm actually surprised by how many more editing projects I have on my plate now even though I ticked one off the list. However, that's a 2023 problem now.

#2: Writing FL Romances

This is probably the only successfully completed goal. I finished Single Dad Alpha on Goodnovel. However, I'm never doing FL books again that are mainstream because I completely did not vibe with it. Like E-ghost, this book will be edited and placed on Amazon as a paperback eventually.

#3: Collab Work Projects

This is tricky. I think the other collab work did not happen because I did not feel up to it for the collab with the author I talked about. They had too many issues to sort out and I refused to play mentor. Hence I will wait it out.

On the other hand, the collab with Aina was semi-alive if not mostly dead. They had a job promotion which meant more commitment and less writing time. We might not have completed the series but we definitely did more than 10 chapters so considering the average of 1 chapter a month, I'll say it is decent.

#4: Comic Serialisation?

Sadly, this never happened. There were too many things out of my control. However, I did end up debuting as a vtuber. I guess that's my new life now.

In conclusion...

It's not entirely a disaster but it's definitely chaotic enough. I've been pushing out content this year on different platforms and media but not exactly the projects I thought I would be working on. Overall, it's not a year wasted at all. It just ended up developing in a different branch from what I was expecting but that's alright because the results were positive from the venture. The investment of time was worth the while.

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