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2024 New Year & New Goals

New year but not new me. However, I still want to set some expectations for me in 2024 regardless of how impossible it might seem. I doubt it will be less busy. If anything, it might just get busier, so let's get started already!

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Although I'm usually more career-oriented, I will include a more all-rounded expectation for 2024, considering how busy I was laying the foundation in 2023.

a) Writing

As this is a writing blog, I can't do without writing goals. However, instead of starting new projects, this year will be focused on finishing many.

To write:

  • Godfather World Season 6 and counting

  • Finish The Mafia Boss is my Web Novel Fan

To edit:

  • Time Cross Academy Serialisation

  • The Haunted Vibrator: Garden of Eden

  • Single Dad Alpha

  • Dear Don

  • Godfather World Series

b) Streaming

My second channel isn't going to remain idle either while I work behind the scenes on massive projects. I'm aware that the first channel will be less active, considering the absence of my co-authors. However, the goal for the 2nd channel is to be monetised on Youtube.

Instead of live streams, I will focus more on the post-production series for uploads (Galorant and Minecraft). As I learn how to mix my own song covers, I hope to release more music to everyone as well!

c) Education

As some of you might have heard already, I will be pursuing a new field of studies from what I have graduated from. Leaving finance behind me, I will start my advance diploma in special needs education & psychology in February. The course will end somewhere September and I will pause for a while before applying for a Master in Psychology. Thankfully, this is a part-time program for working individuals. I hope I can cope with the hardcore deadlines!

d) Health

Not much is new in this department, unfortunately. It's a constant up-hill battle from the very beginning. I still have 1 more year of Yoga membership pending so that's gotta do. In addition to what I'm already doing, I hope to be able to take a short holiday or so every 3 months as recommended by my therapist in 2024. Health isn't limited to physical conditions. Mental health is incredibly important too!

e) Finance

The new house with my mother should be ready by the end of 2024. We need to save up 50k for the renovations and the remaining payment of the house. I'd be sniping more freelance opportunities without taking on too many fixed time slots due to the returns of work hours and flexibility. I've been applying with various companies to work with them as a freelance or relief teacher. Let's see how this works out.

In conclusion...

Many old projects will continue and many new expectations will be loaded onto me this year. I can't say I'm surprised that some of these goals might take me the next five years to accomplish. At the very least, I want to achieve at least three out of the five goals listed for 2024.

What about you? Do you have any goals for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments!

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