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26th Birthday Special: Teen Writer Throwback

Destiny Aitsuji was born on this day (8th March) in 1995. Today, the world knows her as a writer.

As a regular 26-year-old writer, I have experienced my fair share of drama in life. As a special day to commemorate surviving 26 years in this harsh world, I'll reveal a little something about my dark past. It all started when I was 15 and delusional.

Fanfiction Phase

Not many of my readers know this because I seem so polished. However, back in 2010, that was 15 year old me trying my hand at writing for the very first time. I started writing fanfictions because my BFF of that time encouraged me and introduced me to the new world of anime.

I started with some heterosexual romance stuff like all good teenage girls but when I was introduced to the yaoi side of anime, I ran to the rainbow-coloured world and never looked back.

Today, I am a very proud author of an original LGBT work titled Time Cross Academy. If you have not checked it out, you should. It was heavily inspired by all my anime husband fantasies turned gay.

Dark Poetry and Emo Phase

Back then many things happened in my life. Some readers know that I have many PTSDs because according to one of my close friends, I'm a 'protagonist of a tragedy manga'. It's not surprising to know that these poems took a darker turn. I admit, back then, I had suicide on my mind every waking moment. I won't say that I didn't try to take my own life and honestly, I lost count of the times I did.

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However, what didn't kill me eventually made me stronger. With courage, I wrote 2 works. The Liberal Assassin was my suicide letter to this world at the age of 22 before I changed my mind. Love Journal was inspired by parts of my life growing up as a child till teenage years. Of course, I never had the happy ending that Scarlet had. However, that was the reason why I wrote it. I wanted to be remembered as someone who achieved her happy ending eventually, regardless of how my life ended.

Writing Competitions

I participated in so many competitions back then under the encouragement of my English teacher Ms Lesley Leong back then and won some.

Unfortunately, I lost most of the records over the years simply because I couldn't be bothered. Finding it all over again is a pain so you'd have to take my word for it and make do with a shitty quality of the image.

This was taken from my secondary school archive when I was 15 years old. That shorty in red is me. You can click on the image to view my school's magazine.

There is also a very brief cameo picture of me in that magazine but I digress. In any case, this is part of my embarrassing teenage writer story.

That's all for this blog! I've come a long way since and as a mature 26-year-old adult (who still look like a 15-year-old), I believe my journey is only beginning.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and Happy Women's Day!

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