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5 Things You Should Know Before Creating Webnovel Privilege Tiers

Updated: May 9, 2022

The month of October 2020 has been slightly insane for a few reasons. For the most part, I'm finally going to have my driving practical test on the 23rd of October. Apart from that, I've been sick for about two weeks now and yet, I'm powering through the insane number of chapters I need to write thanks to the event I created to introduce new Webnovel Privilege Tiers in November.

To summarise what's happening, these will be the new tiers for privilege chapters and their cost from November 2020 onwards.

New privilege tiers and their discount rates:

Tier 1 - 2 chapters for 1 coin (0% discount on chapters)

Tier 2 - 5 chapters for 299 coins (20% discount on chapters)

Tier 3 - 12 chapters for 500 coins (50% discount on chapters)

Tier 4 - 24 chapters for 799 coins (70% discount on chapters)

Tier 5 - 50 chapter for 999 coins (90% discount on chapters)

Tier 2 approx. USD 5

Tier 3 approx USD 10

Tier 4 approx. USD15

Tier 5 approx. USD 20

It's just a little something to supplement my miserable writer's income for those who don't feel comfortable supporting me on Patreon.

Read Ball of Nothing here!

For those who don't know what Privilege Tiers are, they are content that can only be unlocked by paying for it. Think of them as a premium subscriber's content that will refresh monthly. You buy coins and use them to unlock tiers to read advanced chapters. The maximum number of chapters under this privilege scheme is 50 and while not many authors stock to 50 chapters, I have taken on the challenge of writing and stocking 50 chapters for my readers at the prices above that they can subscribe to monthly.

Want to know how to set up your Webnovel Privilege Tiers? Download the guide for free below.

Guidance to Privilege Management
Download PDF • 354KB

Just a note, chapters within the privilege tiers can only be unlocked by coins and Fast Pass cannot be used.

Now that you understand what privilege tiers are and are considering setting up something similar, here are some things you should consider before you start doing it.

#1: You only get 50% of whatever your readers pay for the tiers.

Yes, this is explicitly mentioned in the contract. There will be a calculator that shows you the amount you'd be getting for the price you are charging for each tier's pricing but they don't tell you the fine prints until you get your monthly income report.

That said, the pricing recommendation would be 1 coin for the first tier with 2 chapters to encourage / trick readers into using their coins, getting hooked on the process and spending more in subsequent months.

As for the other tiers, it's up to each writer to decide. Discounts only apply for chapters within the tier so be careful about setting them up! If you're unsure, feel free to refer to my privilege pricing guide and strategy for reference. It's free to follow! The trick for better privilege tiers is the value for money concept. Think of it like selling a regular meal for $5 and only adding $0.50 for extra drinks and fries to your burger. Most readers would go for an upsized meal if they can afford it.

#2: Released chapters will be locked straight into the privilege tiers once the privilege tier takes effect.

Many Content Editors on Webnovel have been bombarded by panicked first time contracted writers setting up their tiers. The readers tell them they see a notification for a new chapter but that chapter is nowhere to be found. Where could it have possibly gone?

Well, I hate to break it to you but setting up a privilege tier is like building a dam of chapters. Unless it has reached the number of chapters you specified in your application, the chapters cannot be published for free reading to non-privileged readers. Think of it like a dam and its spillover effects.

#3: It cannot be unlocked with free coins.

If you follow Webnovel's Instagram religiously, you would know that every TGIF, they will release a code for the first x number of readers to claim 50 free coins. Can the free coins be used to unlock privilege chapters?

According to Webnovel's IT team, no they cannot. Hooray for authors but beware that readers who 'worked hard' claiming free coins might be seen complaining in your comment sections.

Life can be tough.

#4: You will lose readers.

"Why is this even a thing?!" you cry when people start dropping your book and leaving unreasonable 1-star reviews.

Well, like it or not, there are a lot of self-entitled readers who don't think authors should get paid for their hard work. Books, in their opinion, are only worth reading if they are free or pirated.