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Attack on Contract (Attack on Titan Parody on my Goodnovel Experience)

“On that day, writers received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of rejection and were disgraced to live in these cages we called contracts.”

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This blog post is a friendly parody to unleash my frustrations about the biased Goodnovel editorial team when it comes to applying for a contract. Not all Goodnovel editors suck, just many of them.

2 months ago...

"Hi, I would like to follow up on the message I sent you two weeks ago about the contract for my new work under a new account I created?"

Read tick.

There was no reply, as usual. What a pain. Sitting alone in my misery and wondering where I went wrong after the first rejection, I mustered enough courage to find my Webnovel friend - Sunscar Ackerman.

Me: Hey, are all Goodnovel editors like that? They make you feel invisible by leaving you on read without reply.

Sunscar Ackerman: That's how GOodnovel works. By the way, my contract just got approved.

Me: Hooray for you! I'm going to spam them every day now until I get a reply. Do you think that will work?

Sunscar Ackerman: Only one way to find out.

And so the attack on contract began.

2 months later...

Me: *is fuming* So this bitch of an editor couldn't tell me that my new account wasn't under her for the last 1 month. Then the new bitch of an editor won't approve the contract because it 'wasn't good enough' but she won't give me a proper reason for the rejection. I've had it!

Sunscar Ackerman: Sounds like it... *too ead to move cuz they've just finished 200k words*

Me: *is plotting revenge* I hate Goodnovel already. If they're not going to approve the contract, then I'll just have to do it my way... on Amazon - the world I've always wanted to return to.

Sunscar Ackerman: All the best, Yeager. If anyone can do it, it's got to be you.

Present day...

Destiny "Yeager" Aitsuji has written a blog about Attack on Contract, a miserable parody about failing the contract mission on Goodnovel. To date, her book's contract has still not been approved and she honestly would never try her hand at werewolf and CEOs and romances ever again because it sucks.

Author's Note: This was requested by Rosella and I don't know how to write a parody fan fiction anymore so welcome to the chaos. I hope you enjoyed some parts of it.

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