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Building a Personal Brand with Blogs

Tempted to build a blog after following mine? Here are some personal tips for building a brand via blogging!

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#1: Be Passionate About Something

It doesn't matter if your interest is mundane. You can talk about fishing, gardening or even coding. There will always be people of similar interests who would flock to like-minded individuals. Don't be shy to expose your inner manic!

#2: Allocate Writing Time

Building a personal brand, like writing a book, takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your reputation. Consistency is key so practise self-discipline. Write it in your schedule and commit to a delivery date.

Blogs should not take an entire day to craft. If anything, these should be short but helpful reads. Reading a blog post should not take longer than five minutes. However, it should be packed with informative bits that would benefit the reader. If it isn't informative, it should be entertaining. This leads me to my next point.

#3: Create Valuable Content

If your blog is talking about the same thing everyone else is talking about, there's no real value to what you're saying. It isn't even going to be original. Unless you have a very good reason why you're covering the same things someone else already has, don't do it.

The purpose of creating a blog is to provide content that is of value to your readers. Most readers do not follow you out of loyalty. These days, in a capitalistic society, loyalty can be bought. You need to provide these readers with a reason to stay on with you for the things you create. It must benefit them before it benefits you.

#4: Uplift Others

There's enough toxicity in this world even without you adding to it. Take a look at the common social media feed's comment section. You can always spot a hater or five within the top comments or reply section.

Nobody wants to constantly deal with drama in a safe space. Create a safe space for your future community and manage it well. That way, you can constantly grow a loyal herd of followers that will constantly bring you higher as you empower them to become more successful versions of themselves. The positive cycle works both ways.

In Conclusion...

It does not take much to build a personal brand as long. All you require is dedication and a desire to create content that provides value to others.

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