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Creating Social Media Hype via Writer Events

Updated: Jan 7

A looonnngggg time ago, I did writer events. Some went well and others flopped. However, after doing it for a while, I think I cracked the code for designing the right level of social media hype using Writer Events.

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#1: Free / Give Away

This is basic. At any sort of event from any big brands, you'd see them giving away free samples or something for free to promote themselves. It is the same for any writer's events. Freebies at this point, are an absolute must-include item. Without it, I don't think there will be enough incentives for readers to care.

It doesn't matter what you give, it's the thought that counts for them. You can be giving out free Fast Pass Codes, Free Coins or Free Advance Chapters. It doesn't matter. You don't need to be the one footing the financial bill of this big giveaway event. However, whatever you give has to be of value to the reader enough for them to want to share it with others.

#2: Meet The Author

As writers, many of us live in secrecy under rocks. Our readers only know us by the pen names we use. Most don't even know our gender or the country we come from. The secrecy that we have is a huge advantage that can be used to create hype for any author event.

Imagine that the world's most famous ninja claims he would do a face reveal for the first and probably last time in history next Tuesday. You're a rookie ninja and have always looked up to him. Who cares if the grim reaper is coming to claim your soul on Monday? You're not going to miss that live stream next Tuesday.

It's the same kind of feeling. Rarity creates value.

However, if you are the kind of writer who often interacts with your reader, you can work in the opposite direction and choose to introduce new elements to your regular interactions to create hype. A good way for writers and readers to bond is to find something in common with each other.

For example, the live stream I did with Overlord_Venus and his readers playing Gartic Phone to promote his new webtoon was considered a success. Engage your readers in the event. They are there for you and want your attention.

#3: Time Limited / Limited Edition

Anything that is limited will create a rarity. With rarity, the value increases. This is a natural law of supply and demand. When something is perceived as rarer, the value increases. When the value increases, the attention increases. When the attention increases, the hype increases.

The opinions of the general public can be shaped by how we package something to be perceived. It's a top-secret-not-very-secret marketing technique that people used to sell diamonds, Gucci handbags and Hello Kitty plushies.

It's up to you to create anything time-limited or limited edition for your writer event. You can offer your readers who attend the event a clip of your narrations in a famous scene in your book, send them a selfie, make original character NFTs etc. The sky is the limit.


Many writers forget that many readers are poor. Some are poor in money, others are poor in emotional satisfaction. Whichever the case, if you provide your readers with the things they need, they are likely to turn up and spread the word for their personal benefit.

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