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[Dear Don] A Fluffy Mermaid x Mafia Romance

Some of my readers do not think I was capable of writing straight romance original works. They would be right. I tried my hand with a few but simply couldn't find it in myself to give straight couples a chance. I'm probably too old and jaded to believe in love, hence the struggle.

However, I think I might have found the perfect romance writing formula that I will be covering in another blog.

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After much communication with my new Goodnovel editor Joye, the book is finally live!

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You can read the book on Goodnovel for free here. It is under a non-exclusive contract, so I can publish this as a paperback and Kindle on Amazon after I finish. Yes, I know I still have 9 completed manuscripts to edit that I've written over the years writing e-fiction. I haven't forgotten. However, I needed to work on something new, you know? Editing is torture for my brain cells, and I needed an outlet for creativity more than Godfather World.

Before I launch into talking about it, here are some official character art from Theles (a good artist friend of mine from Romania).

The Synopsis:

"Stay away from humans," Aqua's mother used to tell her. Until the age of eighteen, she spent most of her time in the deep depths of the ocean. Occasionally, she would swim to the pier at night when there were no humans to explore.

One fateful night, a human fell from the sky covered in blood. Using her tears, Aqua saved the mysterious man and spiralled into a life of crime.

Dawn Daniels did not expect to live. His advisor had betrayed him and tossed him into the cold watery depths. Yet, like a ray of light, he was given another chance to live by a mysterious mermaid like no other maiden.

Touched by her gentle and innocent nature, Dawn tries to live his new life with her, but his past catches up to him. In danger, he pushes Aqua away, but the mermaid refuses. In tears and shaking as gunshots fired behind them, she looks him in the eye and mouths "You'll always be mine!" before plunging them into the ocean.

For the price of granting him a new life with her at the bottom of the ocean, Aqua loses her voice forever. Dawn marries her and promises to take care of her for as long as they live, teaching Aqua how to write.

Follow Dawn and Aqua as they learn more about each other and fall deeper each day.

Some of you might have noticed how the work has some similarities with Disney's version of The Little Mermaid, and you're right. It was inspired by it. However, is this going to be a copyright issue? Of course not! So don't worry about it. For the naysayers who are dissing it because it isn't 'original', it's fine by me.

That said, it's time to answer some FAQs.

Q: Why did you write it?

Why not?

Q: What's different about this from The Little Mermaid?

I took falling for bad boys to a whole new level here. As you can see, there isn't a prince charming, only a mafia boss.

Q: What's the highlight of this story?

FLUFF! AND SPARKLES! I don't do smut in this, sorry.

Q: I really love your book! Can I write fan fictions / draw fan arts of your story?

Hell ya! Please send me the links and tag me on socials if you do so that I can share it with everyone else on stream or on my socials with your tags or handles <3

Q: Can I translate your book into a different language and post it?

Due to the non-exclusive contract I have on Goodnovel, unfortunately you cannot. However, if you wish to translate it as a practise, you can. I would take you up on your offer for a translated version of this book within budget to publish it as a paperback on Amazon when it is ready with your translator name, if that's ok with you!

Q: I found your book on a site that isn't Goodnovel for free to read. Did you post it there?

No. That's likely a pirate site. If you do find it and are a kind soul, do let me know the link so that I can file for DMCA. You're still free to read it there if you want but I would appreciate if you could drop by the official site to leave a lovely review :) Don't forget to follow my socials for updates if you want a paperback version of it in the future too!

Q: How can I leave a comment or review for your story?

Goodnovel's app is friendlier for that. Although you can read it on the desktop version, it does not allow you to leave reviews or comments. Also, just a note. They don't have a push notification system for comments and reviews on the app or desktop, so I don't know if someone left a comment. If I don't leave a like or reply to you, that's the reason.


I have done a first chapter reading for [Dear Don] on Youtube here. Do consider subscribing to my Youtube channel if you have not for more! Also, I have a second channel you might want to consider checking out too. I do song covers and stream games while making a podcast with friends :)

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