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How to Manage Fame

In many ways, fame is like fire. It is a good servant but a terrible master. It can be difficult to be sure about yourself with all the external influences, not to mention the change in lifestyle overnight from all the attention.

In this blog, I'll share some things I learned from more famous authors and tips about how the remain level-headed and humble.

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#1: Always Seek Room for Improvement

When people allow praise to get to their heads and become complacent, that often becomes their downfall. In the story of the hare and the tortoise, the hare let arrogance get to him and eventually, he lost the race.

Fame is recognition from an external source. How you are perceived should not be more important than who you want to be. You can always strive to be a better version of yourself but you cannot please everyone. The improvement you seek and the direction you choose to pursue should be in line with what you believe in, and not what others demand of you.

#2: Go Offline and Reconnect with Life

Fame can happen in many forms but the most prominent is through the internet. Take time to disconnect and shut down the noises from others. Reflect on your inner world and recover your mental state before returning to the battlefield of attention you're bathed in.

Learning to reconnect with life daily will help to affirm the compass you have inside you. Keep your goals always in sight and plan to work towards them. Do not let outside voices muddle and sway what you have to do.

#3: Thanking the Support

Give back what you have been given. Gratitude goes a long way and thanking the support sincerely reminds you that your success isn't created by just you. Keep in touch with the people who provided you with the support that gave you wings. Open a communication channel with them but be mindful about where to draw the line.

Those who truly support and respect you will stop at the line you drew. Treasure these people and always remember to return the favour.

#4: Identifying and Ignoring the Naysayers

Attention is a magnet for all kinds of characters. Naysayers can come in many different kinds from the toxic, the poisonous, the narcissist and even the anti-fans. Learning to understand different patterns of negative people in your life is an important skill to help you stay afloat in the sea of fame.

The first few hate speeches might cut at you but learning how to ignore them and shrug them off helps you stay sane. Hate only begets hate. Just because an unknown stranger is hating on you doesn't mean it's worth it to indulge in arguing with them. It's not a smart investment of time. Instead, remember those who gave you true support and are waiting for you. You have no time to entertain these negative characters in your life because you need to work on giving back to those who truly care for you.

#5: Play Neutral

In a crossfire, I understand it is difficult to remain unresponsive. Most people would take sides. However, I suggest that you play neutral. Reacting will only add fuel to the fire. Let fire fight fire. When you are famous, anything you do and say can be used against you regardless of your intention.

Hence, the wisest thing to do is show your intention through your actions and let others speak for you. Keep your words neutral. Do not attack anyone, do not defend yourself. Continue to do what you know you should be doing and let time handle the rest.

In conclusion...

Everyone is human. Fame is fleeting. However, it is important to never lose sight of yourself and what you believe in. Holding onto the reason for what you do will help you navigate through good times, tough times, chaotic times and lonely times.

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