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Inktober 2021 Collaboration with Krustallos feat. Godfather World

October is finally over!! I cannot be more glad about the hellish month's end. Usually, November would be a writer's challenging month with Nanowrimo hovering on the horizon. However, October is an artist's challenging month with Inktober.

Yes, my dearest BFF Krustallos offered to illustrate certain scenes and characters from Godfather World that we discussed.

Fun fact: Did you know she was the co-creator of Godfather World's plot?

Enough with the bragging, you should see for yourself just how talented she is. Although the manga collaboration project with her might not happen anytime soon, I think we can work on something to make Godfather World a light novel with illustration pages within the light novel series. It's going to be our first official collaboration so please be kind!

Patreons to credit: Dame Butterfly. -This could be you. Join now.-

Here are some of the best highlights!

Warning! Spoilers! Click on the images if you want to see the clearer version.

Zen Taro (the badass version)

Super Nuko Kick!

Attack of the Orange Slime Boss

100 Shots

Easter Surprise?

In summary...

While there were plenty of great and cute scenes from the book, I think that the most important focus of the art was the food. You cannot read Godfather World without knowing how important the role of food is in that story.

It was definitely a fun project and when the light novel version is available on Amazon I will be including these wonderful illustrations alongside Krustallos' name for our first official collaboration work!

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