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My 2021 New Year Resolution & Writing Goals

Greetings! It's already the second week of a new year. How time flies!

Like everyone else, I too have new year resolutions. However, as a writer, I also make writing goals. Some writers choose to make quarterly goals but I have an annual goal because as sad as it sounds, I'm no longer a full-time writer.

For those of you curious about why I'm no longer a full-time writer. You can watch the first half of this live stream where I explain why I'm depressed and what I intend to do.

Nevertheless, let's try and start 2021 on a cheery note!

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I usually try to give categories for things and simply them. It's a personal style as you might have observed from my blogs. Similarly, my new year resolutions are categorised. You don't have to follow what I do but it would be lovely to let me know what your hopes, dreams and plans for 2021 are!

#1: Fitness & Health Goal

Some of my fans and readers already know that I don't have a good track record in the health department. My accident-prone nature is a huge worry and I have a tendency to be sickly often. Hence, my goal would be the same as last year's since I haven't managed to succeed just yet.

Challenge #1: 7 injury-free days or more.

It's as it sounds. If I can be free from injuries (regardless of major or minor) for 7 days in a row, I succeed.

#2: Emotional & Mental Wellness Goal

In this department, I am looking at a relationship milestone. It's a huge risk but I will be dating a close friend of mine whom I've known for about a decade. It's frightening to know that if I mess this up again, I wouldn't just lose a partner but also one of my emotional pillars as a friend.

Long history short, I don't have a good dating record. Many of my partners don't last more than 3 months and none of them withstood a year. I'd never celebrated dating anniversaries because of this but I wish that by the end of 2021, I will still be very happy and in love with the man I'm about to date.

He's a nice person and a good person. I hope we can fall for each other along the way and if not, we could end it on a good note without losing each other.

Challenge #2: Commit to a serious relationship with all my heart and overcome past traumas.

#3: Financial and Career Goal

This is a tradition started by my father. He was never happy with my love for arts and has always placed my career over my happiness. I'd been living under his toxic rule for a long time and this time, I'm finally done with it.

However, I have to admit that this is a good goal to set because it is practical. Hence, I will be making one this year as well but on my terms and not his. The previous condition was to earn $500k by the age of 30 but I'm not doing that. Instead, this is my new resolution.

Challenge #3: Save $20k and rebuild my bank account.

#4: The Writer's Goal

Last but not least, my writer goal! To be very honest, I don't know if there will be much of a writing goal because it's going to be very difficult to keep doing whatever I'm doing as a full-time writer once I start working. However, here's what I will target for.

Challenge #4: To grow the Youtube channel to 1,000 subscribers and Patreons to 10 pledges every month.

I know, some people are thinking that it's going to be difficult. I think so too! However, sometimes you just need to risk it in life to find out what's waiting for you. I'm aware that even among writers, I'm an oddball. Yet, I'm willing to bet that this oddball has something different to offer the world that will make me stand out from other writers.

It is also the reason why I decided to leave Twitch. I don't do as well as the other writers who create writerly content. I lean more towards informational entertainment and have a generically less stable personality which might be better for Youtube.

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That said, don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and Patreon if you like my content! 2021 is a year full of new challenges and I hope you're looking forward to them the way I do.

Sending you virtual positivity,

Destiny Aitsuji

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