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My Co-Writing Experience feat. Aina Wang @Webnovel WPC #201

Updated: May 9, 2022

Writing is a never-ending journey of learning. Recently, I had the opportunity to co-write a book with someone for the first time! Meet Aina Wang, my fellow writer pal who calls me 'mommy' for some odd reason :/ (Update: It's because she wanted me to sing her free lullabies whenever I live stream lmao)

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Like all ambitious people, I have a long list of things I want to do before I die. My bucket list is a huge mess of dreams and in one particular category, I have my writer's bucket list.

I didn't think it would be possible to cross off anything from my writer's bucket list but I somehow did, with the potential of crossing out one more after covid improves and the borders open globally.

One of my wishes and dreams as a writer is to collaborate with another writer, preferably a friend, on a book. Co-writing isn't new to me. However, there has never been a fiction co-writing project on my writer's professional resume because of conflicts between creators. Every writer has an ego and it isn't easy collaborating on a creative masterpiece.

Long ago, I tried collaborating with a great friend who was an artist to create manga. It failed spectacularly and we never talked for seven years after that because of life. Now, she designs my book covers even if we've put the manga collaboration project on indefinite hiatus. Some of you might already know the name Krustallos if you read Time Cross Academy and Godfather World.

Aina was someone I met through Webnovel's author discord server and she frequents my live streams, adopting me as her mommy for some reason. I didn't really think we would be working on a collaborated work when I first met her because I didn't really know her as a person.

However, I saw that she updated her discord status one day (she's in my discord server) that she was having some difficulty writing a story that she entered in one of Webnovel's Writing Prompt Competition with a Mafia Theme.

For anyone who knew me when I was 15 years old, you'd know that I never grew out of my obsession with crime and mafia. It all started with Hitman Reborn and till today, I've never had the courage to write the crime-themed books I loved so much. I just didn't have the courage to challenge it yet because I'm still inadequate as a writer, my skills are too humbled for such a great masterpiece.

One writer's dilemma is another writer's opportunity. Thus, I slid into her DMs on discord like the suave boss bitch I am and offered to write the Mafia parts of her story. For anyone who stalks my writing profile, you'd know that I'm not a fan of writing romance unless it has no pussy in it.


As a very adored writer idol figure of Aina's, I wasn't rejected (much to my happiness) for a collab project. That was the starting point for everything chaotic.


You know how they say how you don't really know the kind of person you date unless you marry and live with them? Starting the collab project with Aina was similar. I was in for a real culture shock.

Initially, I thought that all writers were kind of nerdy. However, I failed to realise that there was more than one kind of nerd in this world because my geeky friend circle irl were all geeks of OCDness. Aina was a different kind of nerdy species, leaning towards artistic chaos.

Here are some of the more amusing things that I received Aina's permission to share with y'all about behind the scenes of how writers work.

Aina vs Aitsuji #1 - Character Profiles

Any good reader of my works might know the Ball of Nothing Character Profile I make available for all to view. It was meant to be free access information for fans of my work to use for the purpose of creating fan fiction, fan art and fan wiki.

Aitsuji style:

I typically keep it simple for more freedom in detailing later unless it was mentioned in the previous chapters.

Here's something from Aina that really opened my eyes to the world.

When I saw this, I immediately became ashamed at how boring my behind the scenes look like. I had no idea you can use celadon to describe someone's eye colour. I worked in Melissa Zakka before and I sold Merlion Celadon Tea Cups to hotels. Yet, it did not occur to me to paint the world so vividly.

Note: This is not sponsored by Melissa Zakka. I'm just really grateful for the care that Makino-san and his wife showed me while I was a staff. The covid period hit them very badly and I just do what I can to repay that kindness in a way only I know how.

Aina used Google Slides to do her character profile and planning (which honestly is a very smart move) while I stuck to Google Words. No wonder my brother keeps scolding me for abusing computers! After trying to load 300 pages in one manuscript in google drive, my old computer died on me. If I learned Aina's trick, it would have saved me so much trouble back in the years.

Aina vs Aitsuji #2 - Outlining & Concept

We spent the longest at this stage over a discord call of bad internet connection and many "Hello, can you hear me?" moments. However, we eventually sorted out the goal and ideas after a week.

After which, I realised that there was a huge gap in idea delivery and planning execution.

Normal Aitsui's OCD and INTJ style of outlining:

If anyone is interested in my highly efficient 3 level outlining process, I will be covering it in future blogs. Might do a vlog or live stream about this but I don't really know yet.

Meanwhile, this is Aina's style in ppt when we first started (P.S. she's INFJ):