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My Return to Fan Fiction with Technoblade

I always wanted to return to writing fan fiction, the place I started my writing journey. After so many years doing fiction and self-publishing, I ventured into the e-fiction world where I was swept away by millions of new possibilities.

Over the curse of this decade, I learned a lot about writing and myself. For instance, I discovered at the age of 27 that no, puberty wasn't late. I was simply asexual. However, I continued to hesitate about my official return to writing fan fiction because I had so many projects to complete with my original works. When I finished one, ten more ideas would appear and the plans for returning to fan fiction drifted further from me.

However, I woke up one morning to something to see a troll title that many Youtubers do from Technoblade who hadn't updated in a long while. However, as I continued to watch the video, my hopes fell as his father told us about the passing of this extraordinary Minecraft player and content creator.

Needless to say, I was devastated. I cried for the whole day and continued to cry for about another week or so after. I was a wreck over someone's death and I don't even know them in person. However, life still had to go on for everyone. Yet, I found myself unable to write my projects. Hence, I found a solution for my very rare case of writer's block.

I wrote my first fan fiction series in years.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

I guess in some ways Technoblade gave me a reason to return and the courage to do something I've not done before. Even in my fan fiction writing days, I only ever wrote romance. I know how strange this sounds for someone who writes long series on Webnovel about no romance adventures. However, I was once a crazy BL (boys love) writer and am still one. The only difference is how I'm now bringing the skills I learned from writing web novels into a fan fiction without romance.

Truth be told, I was initially afraid of all the toxic hate for writing this just after his death. I was afraid that people would label me as someone who was capitalising on the popularity and hype of someone else. It wasn't my intention to ride on someone's coattails. Writing just happened to be my coping mechanism for a lot of things in life for as long as I remembered.

Thankfully, the community is grieving with me and the feedback was positive. Although I cannot live up to everyone's expectations, I will continue to bring my best to this fan fiction. Here's hoping that Technoblade is happy wherever he is now.

People are not lost when they die. They are lost when they are forgotten.

If you are also a fan of Alex (aka Technoblade) please remember him with me.

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