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My Webnovel MGS Strategy Guide

Updated: May 9, 2022

Welcome back to my humble blog! Today's topic will be beneficial for writers new to Webnovel's slave writing scheme. Although MGS is not new to me, it is my first time in about a year doing it with some new changes.

I talked to a few more experienced "MGS farmers" and learned a few tricks that might be of help to other newbies like me.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

For anyone who wants to know more about the Minimum Guarantee Scheme, read this.

As Wenovel strives to constantly improve towards making itself the global standard for e-fiction, there are some changes (for the better) for this MGS scheme. Hence, I decided to factor them into my MGS farming strategy.

1) LOA (Leave of Absence)

After getting hate and flamed by netizens and overworked writers for their strict requirement and buggy system about uploading 1.5k words daily on the minimal side for a miserable USD200 a month, Webnovel introduced this as an incentive, giving writers 5 days of compulsory used LOA as writer insurance against not meeting the word requirements or in case of a system error.

That said, there is no reason for writers to not abuse 5 days of free leave and take a day off each week on that uploading madness.

2) Planning Privilege Tier Introduction

If you don't know what that is, read this. With 1 tier compulsory made for you once you go premium, you have roughly 1 month to prepare for the next four months of hell.

Why make your life more miserable writing special privilege chapters when you can write and let it rot in the new tier creations?

After weighing my options that free readers can afford to wait a few days if they don't pay, I will be releasing my chapters with privilege that will count towards MGS. You can create a total of 5 tiers so I thought that introducing one new tier every month of my MGS is a good way to tease non-paying readers into buying something while I'm on MGS.

Once you get hooked on a privilege reading experience, you don't often go back. Besides, the lowest tier only costs USD2 a month if not lesser. It is cheaper than some of my Patreon subscriptions.

3) Writing Pace

This is important because MGS is a 4-month hell ride. No breaks in between even if you fall sick after getting your second covid vaccine shot. So unless you die, you've got a minimum word requirement to fulfil for a measly sum of USD200.

Writing schedules become important. You need to plan ahead how many chapters you need to write for a month and how many words they're going to be. Don't know how to create a writing schedule? I've got you covered in this blog.

There are a few ways to do this, each to their own. For ML genres on Webnovel, chapter lengths are usually about 1,600 to 2,000 words. For Fl genres, the chapter lengths rarely exceed 1,500 words.

Some FL genre MGS farmers tell me they find it easier to do 2 uploads a day of 1,000 word chapters each. In a month, They could write more than what is required because of this but it gets the ideas flowing better instead of aching brain cells over extending 300 more words in an impossible plot for the chapters.

There are pros and cons of this and I've tried it for the month of July. Double releases keep your readers hungry for more. Consistency is a huge thing for serial readers hooked on the love of their story. The more a writer spoils them, the more they give writers their affection (that sometimes turn toxic).

Honestly, this is a fight against time. As a working individual who has bills to pay that Webnovel doesn't cover, I don't have that much time. For students who write after studying, this could be viable except during exam periods so be sure to plan well ahead.

The other method is to do daily release like most ML authors with longer chapter length crossing the 1,500 word mark to qualify. The editing time might be more and you write lesser chapters but on the whole, I prefer this method. It saves me more time and covers more plot in one chapter. Doesn't drag too much and honestly, if I hate the book after MGS because my readers fail to pay me, I can wrap it up in 20 chapters and be done with the whole project.


Every experienced MGS farmer finds a way to make these requirements work for them but I think the most important factor here is discipline. Even facing a writer's block, a writer must create content somehow. Even against reader criticism and cyber bullying, a writer must maintain their psyche health and continue printing chapters as if they were a corporate slave for USD200.

Is it worth doing this MGS? Some writers claim otherwise. Honestly, I think that it only lasts a quarter of a year so I'll take my chances and adapt my strategy as I go. Whatever makes the words flow is the best solution for your MGS and don't be afraid to abuse the system to meet the requirements.

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