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New Website

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by my new website and blog. I changed to Wix because of my editor's recommendation to make it more professional while maintaining that personal touch. Hence, this blog will be dedicated to both personal and professional materials.

Just wanted to say that this website would not have been possible without the help of many people including my brother (who is my technical set-up guy) and my Patreons who made this possible.

For better navigation and convenience of those who would like to check out all my exclusive content, I made this website especially for you. If you are my reader, you would have already known that I'm a writer who does many different genres and write many different works. I've also published on so many platforms that it isn't convenient for you to check them all so the website serves as a central place for news in addition to my social media and Discord server.

That's all I have to say for the grand first post, links to my social medias in the footer and links to my donation pages in the contact tab.

Until next time!

Destiny Aitsuji

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