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[OctoBoost Series] Lord Beetle

[OctoBoost Series] is a special production by Destiny Aitsuji and Krustallos.

Meet OctoBoost, the optimistic alien octopus from the land of coffee! As a protector of all writers, OctoBoost defends the weak and precious species by working hard behind the scenes. This is a short story of his adventures!

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Bzzt! Bzzt!

It was three in the morning and a lone writer stiffened in fear from her desk. Whatever that was, it was right behind her!

Bzzt! Bzzt! Click.

Gathering all her courage, the writer turns around and looks right into the beady eyes of her most dreaded nemesis - Lord Beetle!

As the feeble writer could let out a soul-piercing shriek, somewhere from the forgotten coffee mark, an emblem comes to live!


Handsome and cute, the alien Octopus with an umbrella-shaped head wriggles to the helpless writer's rescue!

"How dare you disturb the sacred flow of creativity!" OctoBoost huffed and pointed a stubby tentacle at the offending Lord Beetle.

Krick! Krick! Krick!

The Lord of Beetles laughed menacingly and beat his wings in a taunting manner. It wasn't easy for him to find such a lovely light at this hour. The windows were also left wide open as if welcoming him inside. The author can only blame herself for such negligence. Lord Beetle had no intention to leave this cosy room, even if it smelled like coffee.

The cute and handsome umbrella space octopus narrowed his derpy eyes. If the Lord of Beetles continued to stay here, the author would soon be unable to recall her next paragraph's details. This wouldn't do! He had to hurry.

At the speed of a shooting star, OctoBoost jumped across the room and hovered over the unsuspecting Lord of Beetles. He spread his legs wide like a net and grabbed hold of the Beetle Lord.

"Now, you shall not escape!" OctoBoost laughed as the writer cries tears of relief.

The Beetle Lord struggled with all his might! Yet, he was no match for the caffeine imbued tentacles that trapped him. Not forgetting his signature outro move, OctoBoost initiates a space flying smooch and pulls the beetle off into the night sky just in time before the author forgets what she was going to write.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The author tumbles out of her chair. She looks around the room bewildered by what happened, but nothing seemed to have changed from an hour ago.

"What an odd but refreshing dream!" she stretched and looked at her word document. The part that she got stuck an hour ago finally made sense!

"I better get back to writing," she yawned and took a swig from her coffee mug and paused just before the coffee touched her lips.

"Ew! There's a beetle in it! How did it get here? Never mind, I better make a new cup. It's cold anyway."

As the writer makes a new batch of coffee, the strange alien octopus design on her mug wriggled in joy, happy to save another author's inspiration.

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