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Simple Exercises to Keep a Writer Healthy

Updated: May 9, 2022

Back pain? Stiff Neck? Flat butt?

Same here! However, it doesn't always have to be this way. For the longest time, I thought that doing desk work was the better kind of life for any university graduate until I was almost paralysed from the waist down.

A terrible sitting posture and the lack of exercise thanks to the mundane office life almost put me in wheelchairs permanently. Although I was determined to not let that stop me from my writer dreams, it still wasn't the best kind of life to live.

Hence, I decided to change my lifestyle a little. If I could be passionate about writing, a work that doesn't pay, why can't I be passionate about maintaining this mortal vessel that allows me to bring my creations to fruition?

These are some of the saviours I found who helped me along the way that I recommend you listen to and follow to save your neck, back and butts - literally.

#1: Posture Correction

This guy is Hampton and he started on tiktok before moving to Youtube. He gives a very positive and calming vibe that heals your soul as he talks and walks you through exercises. Think of him as the Bob Ross of exercising.

You can check out more of his videos on his youtube channel that I also follow.

#2 Exercise Breaks

April Han has got to be my favourite Youtube Fitness Coach. I found her from Youtube Recommendations because back then I was recommended a very intense HIIT fitness routine by John Benton by a colleague. Things did not end well for me and I ended up tearing a ligament that made me unable to exercise for nearly 2 years. Compared to John Benton's routine, April Han's routine was as effective but much friendlier for weak writers like me.

I like 2 of her videos that I use during my sprint breaks between chapters if I'm not streaming or doing a sprint marathon. They help to loosen my stiff muscles and get the blood flowing again.

This routine of boosting immune system, I have no idea if it truly works. However, you do work up a small morning sweat just as you climb out of bed. I try to use exercise more than coffee and some days it works. Other days, I drown myself in coffee to get the word count moving. You could try this and start easy. Her exercises look simple but they're still a level of difficulty for those who do not frequently move their bodies.

Compared to the above exercise, this one is much shorter, just nice for an in between chapter break to shake the fatigue away. I like to do this when I'm feeling lazy but also guilty about my daily exercise routine or lack thereof.

#3 Spine Care

Need I mention more? I have a lower and upper back problem from my posture even if I try to get an ideal typing set up. It just happens when you're writing for ten hours a day and not getting up. It's also partially why I chose to pack my afternoons and evening with freelance jobs so that I could get a semblance of write-life balance.

April Han has many back care exercises that you could follow. I have hyperextended knees and after doing her exercises, I noticed that the problem indeed disappeared. However, a lapse in following up with the exercises meant it came back again. It's my goal to keep up with her workout routines but I'm just struggling with life too much at the moment.

Nevertheless, you should try this and check out her other useful programs. They're all free after all, the best you'd get at this price in the comfort of your home.

#4 Butt Strengthening

Don't laugh. I'm serious. It might not have happened to you just yet but it has happened to many season webnovel writers who farm MGS. It happens gradually at first and nothing really changes at first glance but after a year, you'd find that your once rounded hump behind has now turned into a flat plain. After two years, you find that sitting hurts you physically when your bones grind against a wooden chair you're trying to sit on.

I always said I needed a butt. Honestly, I tried April Han's butt toning exercises and it helps a little. That's only because I tried it out for a short period of time, unable to keep up with the consistency required for a long term effect thanks to life. However, the fact that it reduces my sitting pains of feeling my own butt bone for two weeks meant a lot for me. You should do this if you face a similar issue to mine or just want a rounder hump.


None of these will give you overnight results. It takes time, patience, effort and determination to get that ideal healthy writer's body. It could be daunting initially but I assure you that the payouts are worth the sweat you put in. Compared to running, these online fitness coaches are better alternatives to a healthier lifestyle for introverted writers who are a little shy exercising in gyms or in public spaces.

The only thing I do recommend is getting a good yoga mat because you would need it. As for the rest, you just need to be there in person and follow the video instructions. After two weeks of daily practice, you might achieve a new level of cultivation with your healthier body. A healthy writer is normally a happy one.

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