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Simple Writing Prompt: 3 Carrots sit in a pot, discussing fate.

Author's note: I started this because writing blog content too seriously is getting boring. Unless someone wants a useful blog post with information, I decided to just convert this blog into my personal weekly creative dump with prompts. Feel free to let me know which prompts you'd like to see!

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

Carlos, Charles and Claude were brothers. Of the three, Carlos was the oldest and Calude the youngest.

It was spring and the three brothers finally popped out of the soil enough to peek at the bright warm thing in the sky that occasionally disappeared. When they were mere seeds, their mother told them that the warm bright thing in the sky above this soil was the sun.

"One day, we will live in that warm place. Till then, drink a lot and grow big!" their mother used to say before she was pulled out by her hair by a giant, never to return again.

"Brothers, today is finally the day we get to see the true nature of this giant and find our mother," Carlos announced.

In the pot, his brothers cheered. Now that they were finally big carrots, the giant should come by and pull them out by their hair too. They would be able to find their mother now and join her in that bright warm place.

For days, the giant never came but the warm bright thing in the sky came and went. The three carrot brothers held onto hope and eventually, the giant appeared.

"Gah! It hurts!" Claude whined as the giant pulled him by the hair, removing him from the soil and tearing his roots.

"Bear with it," Charles encouraged but even he was in pain when the giant came for him.

Carlos could only await his turn and try not to scream when the giant came for him. Hurt and scared, the three carrot brothers did not know where they were getting taken to. Fortunately, they were joined by a few other carrots who also did not know any better.

The carrots found themselves dumped into a dark box for a long time and when the box opened, nobody expected to be thrown into the water. Some of the unluckier carrots drowned and were tossed away while the other carrots desperately tried to survive. The brothers were separated temporarily but thankfully, they were reunited once more on a ground that moved.

"Where do you think this road will take us?" Claude sniffed. He had been bullied so badly that all his roots were now missing.

Carlos did not know. "To meet mother, perhaps. This must be the fate for all carrots."

The young innocent carrots wondered how they would meet their mother and if it was possible to reunite with her when they heard screams in the distance.

"What was that?" Charles asked, his voice quaking.

The screams grew louder and finally, the carrots saw the truth. Blades spun and carrots were skinned in a horrifying manner before their screams died when they were sliced into pieces by the falling blade after the skinner.

The three carrot brothers could only scream as the blades drew closer, their dreams about that warm place in the sky replaced by the juices of their dead carrot pals up ahead. Soon, it would be their juices on the carrots behind them.

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