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Simple Writing Prompt: Each time a monkey farts, the world suffers from a 5-second amnesia.

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Monkeys loved bananas but nobody knew why they did. Humans simply continued feeding them bananas even if it made these animals farty.

"I feel it coming," the old monkey told his wife. "A huge one."

The elderly monkey groaned as he let a huge ammonia bomb out. Once more, the world was given a five-second amnesia.

"Sorry, what were you saying again?" the monkey's wife asked. She swatted at a fly that landed on her arm and ate it.

Her husband blinked. "Huh? Did I say something? I don't recall."

The monkey wife shrugged. "If you don't recall it must be unimportant."

Somewhere on the other side of the world, an ambulance took a wrong turn. Somewhere in a different city, a student forgot the formula for his math exam question. Somewhere in a different country, the president forgot his name to sign a document.

"Oh wait, I recall now. I was going to fart," the elderly monkey laughed a little while later.

His elderly wife simply rolled her eyes. "Good on you. Now let's throw these peels at the children. They're starting to annoy me."

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