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Time Cross Academy's Ending

Writing this omegaverse anthology series has been a long-standing dream of mine that finally came true. For the longest time, I have been (and still am) obsessed with this trope. Isn't it simply romantic to know your fated one by just a physical reaction? I longed for something of this sort and when the chance came from a Webnovel WPC competition, I jumped on it. Everything else from that point forth became history as I signed several non-exclusive contracts for this one work just so I could publish it as a paperback.

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Now that I've written 5 couples, I decided to go with a bang on the last theme and make that a throuple. Were you all surprised by the twist?

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As a parting gift for those who did not pledge to Patreon for more Time Cross Academy content, this is blog will reveal my inspirations for these anthologies.

The first couple Sei x Soubi is very much inspired by a Chinese manhua that I read titled "Demon Wants To Hug". I liked the contrasting good vs Evil and pure vs slutty theme so I made one a black snake and the other a white fox. It's also the main couple you see on the cover that my good and talented artist friend Krustallos designed!

The second anthology has always been a hot topic. Vampire and their natural enemy the exorcist. Is it possible? I actually got inspired by a Durarara doujin for this couple where Shizuo was a vampire who didn't want to harm anyone and Izaya was the twisted priest who kept the kind-hearted vampire hostage with him. In the doujin, Izaya gets stabbed and as he bled out, Shizuo made the choice to give Izaya his blood to save the twisted priest. However, the doujin ended there and I wanted a more complete ending so I wrote my own in this couple. I hope you liked this couple's version of the story because I like it very much. Happy endings are my thing because it's the easiest way to attain happiness without having to deal with reality.

The next couple is actually a strange one. I didn't actually know about the Panotti creature before I researched intensively and I doubt many readers know about it either. However, I was inspired by the irony of a mermaid - merman in my case, who couldn't sing. It's from The Little Mermaid. Imagine if Ariel lost her voice forever or if she couldn't sing well enough to seduce her lover. Would a merman who cannot carry tune be able to find love? Also, what about someone with an ugly appearance? Would they be able to find love? A couple this mismatched reminded me about the Phantom of the Opera. What if this dysfunctional love worked out and Christine didn't go with Raoul? That's how I wrote it but in a less twisted manner.

Couple four became a little more twisted as my darker desires leaked. Here, we see the first alpha x alpha pairing. At the same time, I added a little of Ruo Yan into it. It's a one-sided love that drives people crazy over time. Would you be in a relationship loving someone who loved someone else but treated you as a replacement? Would the person you fall for be incompatible with you? How can a love like this bear fruit? Does being alphas mean that the relationship is on more equal grounds in some sense? I wanted to rebel against the conventional alpha x omega happy ending. Two incompatible people who worked hard to love each other properly should be rewarded with happiness as well!

The fifth couple is something I started because of a reader request. However, I was actually thrilled to do so because I never really read a lot about a relationship with a disabled partner. Klick is blind and it becomes interesting when someone as insensitive as Bruce becomes his partner. Not to mention, they were in an arranged marriage kind of situation before they fell in love. I wanted to explore if love could grow over time and be developed instead of something that blooms right from the start. I don't know how many readers liked this couple as their favourite but this was an absolute joy to write.

The last anthology is something I might have a secret fetish about but please don't tell my boyfriend! I don't want to scare him away. BDSM is always something I look forward to reading simply because I love how the level of trust between couples who indulge in it are on a totally different level from couples who don't do it. However, I have to admit this wasn't my favourite to write. Reading a steamy chapter is lovely and all until I have to write it. The experience of writing this much smut was like watching a 10-hour porn marathon and pausing every 2 seconds to zoom in on the nasty while playing at a 0.25 speed. After this work, I think I'm going to take a very long break from writing any kind of smut.

Many of my works are usually very niche or explores thought-provoking ideas. Time Cross Academy is no exception. It is very similar to my other book Hole in a Wall but with a different trope. I'm almost coming to an end and I estimate that when I am done, it would reach about 100k words.

Thank you for the support! I enjoyed working with omegaverse very much. For a while, I will stop writing original BL and yaoi because the list of fanfictions I wish to write is simply piling up. I want to get back to them so stay tuned and stalk my social media accounts for updates! Boku no Hero Academia, Durarara and Haikyuu are on that list.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked Time Cross Academy more than I do!

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