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Tips to Win WPC on Webnovel

I've been doing a series with Overlord Venus talking about Webnovel's Writing Prompt Competition weekly on my main Youtube Channel in hopes of getting 500 subscribers.

If you have not watched the series or followed it, please do. We update weekly according to what Webnovel has. If you have no time, here is some summarised advice we gave to all WPC participants.

Please note that Webnovel is not very responsible for giving any social media features for winners of making any book covers. The only thing you stand to benefit from this competition is reader exposure via in-app marketing and a chance for an exclusive contract or non-exclusive contract.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

#1: Daily Update

You might only require 5,000 words to qualify for the WPC competition. However, the marketing team of Webnovel (not the content editors) is looking at the author's credibility to contract a new author who had not previously been contracted.

Without daily updates, the chances of persuading the marketing team that you should be given a contract will drastically decline. Your chapters should range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. That's the standard Webnovel length. You don't have to write a lot at the start. Even a 500-word 'chapter' is acceptable for Webnovel, but the consistency of updates is key here.

#2: Voting

"But I don't have many friends or readers to vote for me!"

Self-vote, bitch! By now, it's no secret that many people have alternate accounts. You can sign up for a free account with Webnovel using so many methods. I know of readers who created over twenty accounts so that they could fast pass their favourite reads. It's insane, but you don't have to do that. Just vote for yourself daily during the competition and get into the top 10 for the rankings to give yourself a chance to be considered for the winners.

Content editors will not read works below rank 15, but to be safe, put yourself in the top ten ranks.

If you need that few more power stones to get to the top ten during the event, go to the Webnovel author discord server and ask people for a vote swap. Some writers will vote for your book with their accounts in exchange for a 5-star review. That's also an alternative that is common in the Webnovel practice.

Is it ethical? Not really. But it's definitely practical if you can cast aside your pride for a moment to do what it takes to win.

#3: Choosing the Right Theme

This should be common sense. You don't want to join a competition if you have no idea what you're meant to be writing. This isn't an examination. You have options. Find a competition topic and keep a constant eye on them for something you know you can write 200 chapters for without issues.

A rule of thumb is to be able to write about 350k words for a book if you're opting for an exclusive contract. That covers about 4 months' worth of MGS word count. Refer to this blog before you start.

#4: Finding Niche in Mainstream

If you have not, please read the "Mainstream vs Niche on Webnovel" blog and "The Art of Catfishing for Niche Authors" blog.

There will be plenty of writers joining the competition with similar ideas that have been done over and over again. What gives you an edge over those writers? The answer is an exciting twist or concept. It could also be a less cliche character that sets you apart from everyone else doing the same topic.

Standing apart from the crowd gives you a better chance of getting contracted. Webnovel is always looking for new and exciting twists to old concepts because they focus on the marketability of the works they contract. Please don't make it overly original but make it relatable. A good tip is to inject comedy into your writing. Nobody will reject good humour and most Webnovels are reading for a good time.

#5: Good Opening, Title, Cover & Synopsis

Please read "Cover, Title & Synopsis for New Writers" if you have not. I go into detail of what entails a good marketing package in that. For more details, you can check out the "How to Create a Best Selling Webnovel Idea: Creation Stage" blog. Many details have already been covered in my Free E-Course that you can find on this website. However, if you require private consultation, I'm available on Patreon.

#6: Study Other Writers

"Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril." - Sun Tzu

It doesn't matter if it is the writers that Webnovel recommended, the writers in the best-selling category of the WPC you're in, or even the fellow contestants in the same WPC. I believe that if you understand what makes them good, you'll be able to level out the playing field by offering content of similar quality.

In Conclusion...

Although this is not a 100% template for winning Webnovel's WPC competition, it can significantly increase your chances after knowing this. Of course, it might take you a few tries before you actually get the hang of it but hang in there! Some topics are recycled every few months, so don't trash your existing story if you like it. There is still hope if you work on improving it!

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