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Webnovel Spirity Award 2021 Competition Experience

Updated: Jan 7

Before I start, this is the vlog version of the post. The post will be a summarised version of my experience halfway through this competition I faced and some of the things that participants of the future competitions could look out for if Webnovel doesn't change it.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

Yes, I have started delving into vtubing for my videos because I"m uncomfortable in front of a camera. I don't own a vtuber avatar design yet so these are all made by other people with rights free for all to use.

You could watch the video or skip to the blog for a summary. Enjoy!

1) Contract Process

The contracting process was lengthy. YOu need to wait 3-5 weeks for it to process. Furthermore, it has to be signed online and you must have your ID and Bank details for it to be approved smoothly.

Note: Till date of blog writing Webnovel still has not given me my copy of the signed contract for keeping.

Bottomline, if you want a contract from Wenovel, you are better off joining their smaller competitions called Writing Prompt Challenges (WPC) that is held weekly. They give you contracts for top 3 winners of the challenge and the competition lasts 2 weeks instead of 6 months.

2) System Bugs

Once you've signed a contract, you're to tell the content editor you signed under the date you wish to go premium (lock your chapters). From blog writing date, chapter can only be locked after #40. Also, any chapter that is published or scheduled on inkstone should be marked as premium and not free.

The tech team does not do this automatically so if you have previously scheduled chapters, these will come out tagged as free for readers who paid. It's a serious case so please monitor strictly for a week after your chapters get locked.

3) Forced Privilege Tier

This came new to me. I didn't know there would be a compulsory privilege tier of 2 chapters at 1 coin when I signed and locked. I suggest that new authors locking prepare 2 advanced chapters on top of regular release for this new tier setting so your readers can still enjoy regular chapter release.

I'm not unhappy with this, it's just that when all the bugs and this is combined, it can make an ugly chain reaction. Thankfully, my readers were understanding after a comment reply marathon to sort out what was working and what wasn't.


I'm not hoping to win anything in this competition because of the flood of over 20,000 new books. I will just be happy with whatever I learned and for those who wish to try, I guess this might be takeaway points from my painful experiences.

Moving from this point, my competition work Monarch fo Solitude should be smooth sailing although I need to rethink my MGS strategy. I will cover that in the next blog. Do subscribe to my website to receive new blog notifications using your email or join my discord server.

For anyone wondering about Godfather World, I'm going to stop uploading on Wenovel. Instead, you can read free on Tapas twice a week updates or go to my Patreon where I post advanced chapters for lovely readers :)

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