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Why I Don't Like Helping Newbie Writers

I've been asked many questions by many people and honestly, nowadays I don't answer any.


It's not because I'm feeling the heat of the success getting to my head or because I'm too good for them. Many people have a bad impression of me and I don't really care because the feelings are mutual. They don't take the time to try to get to know me so I don't want to bother myself with them. I have better things to do with my time like helping those who actually deserve it.

In this blog, you'd delve into the mind and feelings of an underdog writer starring yours truly.

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Why the sudden dreary post?

First off, I'd like to clarify that I'm not a very rich, well-established or famous writer. I'm also not a very skilful or special writer when there are tons of more talented writers out there who are not me. I don't speak for all of them out there but I do speak for me.

These reasons that you'll be reading are purely my opinions and reasons based on the things I experienced. You're free to judge however you like but I will not be entertaining any replies to this topic for those who have chosen to read. After all, it will get personal and when I say personal, I mean personal.

Let's get started, shall we?

#1: Self-entitled

We live in an age of Information Technology where Google can answer 99% of your questions if you searched it up. If you bothered Googling things such as "What is a Webnovel contract?" or "When does Spirity start?" you would have known.

I'm not the editor of the platform or customer service officer. I'm not your teacher or your boss. I'm not a friend and I'm not getting paid.

So why in tarnation do you feel like I owe you a reply? I don't even know these people when they send me friend requests without explaining anything or slide into my social media inboxes without any social etiquette.

Sorry, but I refuse to work for free and I'm not an answering machine.

#2: Toxic

Sometimes there are those kinds of writers who see something that other writers do and have the inspiration in their head that they could have done it better than them? Then, these inspired writers feel the need to let the other writer know how much they suck for even trying?

Yeah, these. Maybe it's not always a newbie writer but many of them are newbies and I've never been more thankful for the block function and ban hammers.

#3: Know-it-all

There is a saying about how empty vessels make the most noise. Yes, I understand the thrill of learning something new and wanting to share it with everyone else. However, I don't appreciate your 'free lectures' about what I do.

#4: Unappreciative

Sometimes I have a good day and take pity on a lost soul who slid into my DMs. After taking an hour to answer their burning questions, they leave without a single word of thanks.

#5: Exploiters

In a world where dogs eat dogs, writers can also sometimes eat other writers. I'm talking about people who try to get into your good books and make you do things for them without actually giving you anything back in return. Call them the gold-diggers of the writing industry but these writers only know how to play coy in front of more established writers asking for a vote, a feature, a shoutout or a review. Once you've done what they ask, you're forgotten and maybe blocked until next year when they need you again to help them win a competition.


So? What kind of newbie writer that I've described above do you think are the worst? I'm curious to know but I won't reply. If you've come across any other trash personalities, feel free to vent it in my comment section. It's good to get things off our chest sometimes and no, I'm not talking about bras even if that's true.

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