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Writing Prompt: A kid prays for the devil's salvation...

Updated: Jan 7

From Reddit.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

Feasting on the flesh of mortals and drinking a goblet of blood, the devil was having a fine time. He closed his eyes for a second to enjoy to sounds of tortured souls screaming when suddenly a serene choir played in the background.

Hold up! This wasn't his kind of music! What the hell happened?!

Met with a scenery he was once familiar with, the devil held his breath. Then, from the corner of his eye, something brown moved.

A young boy no longer than eight stared at him with innocent doe eyes. "God has answered my prayers! You have been saved. Please, you don't have to suffer anymore."

Insolent human! The devil spat and stood up from his throne. "And who are you to decide where I live? I despise humans! I don't need salvation from this boring place!"

Those bright eyes teared and the boy apologised.

"My father often beat me. The angels told me that he was going to hell where the devil resides so I thought..."

Heart softening at the innocent boy's kindness, the devil wondered if things would be different for him if someone showed him this sort of attention many years ago. Maybe he wouldn't have fallen from heaven.

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