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[Writing Prompt] Baby Clam Du-Du-Du-Du-Duu~

Updated: Jan 7

The writing prompt is on Reddit. Feel free to attempt it. I really want to see people try this so that I can read~

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"Breaking news! Scientists and marine biologists have discovered that shellfishes are able to communicate with humans using morse code!"

Just that single discovery became the turning point for the intelligence industry as every country raced to develop the smartest clams in existence. Special hybrids and genetically modified shellfishes in labs were raised carefully and given intense education. These specially trained clams could resist extreme temperatures, live out of water for an extended amount of time, camouflage and even detect certain frequencies despite not having ears.

Most importantly, spy clams were difficult to spot in the natural environment. They could hide in water supplies, rivers, sewage systems or in an innocent-looking aquarium. By getting the clams to communicate with other marine life, spy clams were able to gather useful animals under their leadership to collect information.

Just like this, top-secret military budget information became exposed. Countries with huge bodies of water started to panic while those residing in deserts rejoiced at their natural advantage, creating rentable venues free from water and shellfish for important political meetings.

Despite that, spy clams constantly evolved to become better in the labs. The moment clams learned how to swim, walk and fly, they quickly became an unstoppable special force. Nobody knew if there was a spy clam hiding inside their roof drains, in their cookie jar, behind a fake office plant or even behind a poster in an elevator.

Over the years, spy clams have divulged secrets of prime ministers with their corrupt work practices, famous CEOs and their closet lovers or even major national examination questions. It was easy for anyone to buy a clam and with stray spy clams breeding with those in the wild after their retirement, it wasn't difficult to raise an intelligent bed of baby clams.

While these second-generation clams weren't anywhere nearly as destructive as their lab ancestors, people have started using them more commonly mostly to spy on their lovers, friends and neighbours. As a result, peace became a word that was forgotten in dictionaries as people bred more clams, exercised bribes and employed skilled clam hitmen to dispose of the tiny spies.

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