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Writing Prompt: The best grandmas were wild when they were young. Some had tattoos, some motorcycles

From Reddit.

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

There was always that one oddball in any kind of social situation. The nursing home wasn't that much different. As a volunteer with the nursing home for several months now, I came to understand how these grandmas worked.

There were the fashion grandmas who would boast about all the men who fell at their feet when they were twenty and discuss the boldest sex position they ever attempted while comparing tattoos they had on their arms of their ex-lovers.

Then, there were grandmas who were once the boss of their gang with motorcycles and all. They were mostly single moms who were now old, their kids left them here to pursue a career, these ladies would compare stories about who had a rougher life.

There were also grandmas who were content with knitting and baking chocolate chip cookies for the teenage volunteers like me with sweet tales to tell about the happy life they led, showing us photographs of the loved ones who seldom visited anymore.

However, one grandma stood out to me. She was quiet and often preferred her own company. She never socialised or participated in any of the events. This grandma merely looked out of the window with a forlorn look until one day, the mafia came in with guns blazing.

"Give it up, Witch! You can't hide forever. Hand over the Godfather's Card and we will let you die in peace."

Unable to run, everyone in the nursing home was turned hostage. Only Marie, the oddball of a grandma remained calm and serene as she looked at the mafia.

With a snap of one finger, fire dragons materialised, taking out armed men with guns even as they opened fire recklessly. The fire dragons did not only take the armed mafia men out but also protected those who were held as hostages.

Burned to crisp, there was nothing left of the men who launched an attack on the nursing home. Marie walked over the ashes and out of the gates, never looking back. Behind me, I could hear people whispering how she was the devil and not a single tough and wild grandma had anything to boast about.

Fearful that Marie would be back again, the old folks in the nursing home decided to be on their best behaviour. The name Marie became taboo and even after the building was restored, nobody breathed a word about that witch.

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