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Writing Prompt: You are a lawyer in a fantasy world tasked with helping innocent creatures and villa

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When it came to defending the innocent in the name of justice, I needed no payment. As a lawyer from my previous life with no other skills, I exchange my wits and gift for arguing for food and shelter. The villagers and innocent creatures like me, the reckless hate me. Yet, I never turn away any client who suffered injustice.

Now, I might be faced with the toughest case. The main character of this fantasy world I was transported to is the offender. The client is a girl to be in his side harem in the second season of this book. The main character had only started his journey and met with the king.

"Could you explain what you wish for me to sue him for?" I asked again and the client burst into tears.

"He destroyed my bakery after falling through my roof from the sky and refused to pay for damages!"

Indeed, it was a tough case. It wasn't daily that the main character fell from the sky, right into the roof of your bakery and caused such huge damage. However, this girl was merely a victim of greater unfortunate circumstances. The main character was a hero summoned by the king. If I took on this case, it would be like a slap to the royal family's face.

"Understood," told the client. "I will do my best. However, if we fail, know that both our heads could roll as the royal family will be implicated with the matter."

The girl nodded. "I'm prepared to lose everything for this case, including my life. Please, you must seek justice for me!"

Tears of bitterness wallowed within me despite the bright and reassuring smile as I sent the client home.

Now, to bribe the main character or buy his sympathy and take this troublesome girl into his side harem?

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