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Youtube Writing Challenge Comeback with Overlord Venus

Updated: Jan 7

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

I'm back! It's been a busy month of me falling sick from one issue to the next. I didn't think it was possible to be sick for nearly a month, but right after I took a break from the blogs, my body decided to break down.

Nevertheless, I'm back with a new blog! This time, it's about my comeback on Youtube. I also have exciting news to share with everyone, so stay tuned to the end of my rant! You can watch my comeback stream above but remember to subscribe to my main Youtube channel! I also have a second channel where I upload my song covers that have been noobly mixed by yours truly and play games (sometimes).

Q: What's new in the comeback stream?

Variety of insanity. We're breaking from the webnovel and e-fiction mould in this new season of writing challenges. Creativity should not be restricted to a single medium or form. However, the main reason is the lack of WPC content from Webnovel. Hence, we decided to take it up a new notch and torture each other for fun.

Q: Where did the inspiration come from?

Ever heard of the wheel of fortune? Except it's the wheel of pain because we love to torture our brains. Maybe in the future, the chat will have a hand in choosing the match-up, and it can turn into streamers vs chat type of collaboration. If you want to see this happen, remember to subscribe to my channel and show up for the live streams!

Q: How do I join you for these writing challenges?

If you wish to join us during the stream, we're normally in my discord server's voice channel. If you're shy, you need not speak with a mic. You can submit your entries in the discord chat that I can share with everyone on the stream if you want :D

Alternatively, if you're unable to make it for the stream live to participate, you can leave your participation entries in the Youtube comments or as an image on Instagram to tag me. If there are enough participants, I might do a reaction stream to these wonderful entries once a month or so in the future!

Q: I have a suggestion for writing templates / creative batsu! How do I submit them?

Leave it in the comments of my previous stream, on discord or tweet and tag me. I will collate them accordingly after filtering if it is stream appropriate. However, I will not be accepting suggestions from chat in the streams. You have no idea how many things I have to keep an eye out for in the background while on stream, so do me a favour and submit these wonderful ideas to the correct channels.

Exciting announcement:

There are a few things I have to announce at a later date after it is confirmed, so prepare yourself for a series of good news coming up. I guess I'll let you know the first good news. I found someone irl who doesn't have red flags and there may or may not be a possibility that we will end up dating in the near future. It may or may not have inspired me to write my latest work [Dear Don] on Goodnovel. Also, the blog and website may or may not have attracted the attention of a local TV company that are asking if they could interview me about my life as a webnovelist.

That's all for the exciting news.

A lot has happened in a month, I know. Don't worry. I'm alright now. More importantly, thank you for your support! I'll be updating the blog monthly from now on about my writing progress and fun activities you should keep your eyes peeled for.

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Hello! I enjoyed your long video! Please tell me, did you use editors to edit such a large video or did you upload it without editing? I found and want to try using it, have you had any experience using this editor?

Destiny Aitsuji
Destiny Aitsuji
Dec 06, 2023
Replying to
  1. I stream them so I use streamlabs, it's not actually recorded.

  2. I'd recommend Da Vinci if you've not edited videos before as it is friendlier, free and has many tutorials online. Not sure if applicable for Mac because I'm too poor to afford anything apple.

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