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My Wife is an E-Ghost!

"this is too good🖤 A unique concept of soul trapped in a phone🖤 definitely deserves many views nd ratings🥺" - Pravi Singh, Goodnovel.

"Another cute story 😍❤️❤️ I'm loving Laura so much!! Such a cute ghost. The interaction of MC is realistic and thankfully not dramatic. Also it perfectly describes a bachelor's abode😁 will be waiting for further updates 😊" - RounakVyasSharma, Webnovel.

"Great author so make sure to check out the other works 😉 This hooks you in from the very beginning and has you laughing and wanting more. Strong character development💗💗 Happy reading 😉😊" - The_Sweetness, Webnovel.

"Ahh, can't wait for the next update! I was like watching an anime as I read! My mind began wishing for miracles that Laura can be in her human form! I want Tynan and Laura to go on a date! 😘 And good luck, Author dear! Fighting! 🥰" - Elise_Elleneth, Webnovel.

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