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Dear Don

"Stay away from humans," Aqua's mother used to tell her. Until the age of eighteen, she spent most of her time in the deep depths of the ocean. Occasionally, she would swim to the pier at night when there were no humans to explore.

One fateful night, a human fell from the sky covered in blood. Using her tears, Aqua saved the mysterious man and spiralled into a life of crime. 

Dawn Daniels did not expect to live. His advisor had betrayed him and tossed him into the cold watery depths. Yet, like a ray of light, he was given another chance to live by a mysterious mermaid like no other maiden.

Touched by her gentle and innocent nature, Dawn tries to live his new life with her but his past catches up to him. In danger, he pushes Aqua away but the mermaid refuses. In tears and shaking as gunshots fired behind them, she looked him in the eye and mouthed, "You'll always be mine!" before plunging them into the ocean.

For the price of granting him a new life with her at the bottom of the ocean, Aqua loses her voice forever. Dawn marries her and promises to take care of her for as long as they live, teaching Aqua how to write.

Follow Dawn and Aqua as they learn more about each other's species and fall deeper each day.

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