Time Cross Academy

"Omg! I just can’t get enough of this novel! I am so enjoying the characters and the twist and turns. I love the style in which the writer writes. I just wish the characters were longer, only because they are just that good!" - Daoist956945, Webnovel.

"I love how some have a slow burn while others are fast to get together. I cannot wait to read the next chapters. Each couple combo sounds so perfect and balanced." - 5 Star Review , Webnovel.

"Honestly, I wasn't sure at first how much I would enjoy reading each chapter, but it's really fun! I love that there are so many couples! The idea of a school dedicated to matchmaking for Boys Love is genius, and I don't know how it hasn't been used before. Much love for the author, and if you haven't started reading you definitely should!!!!" - 5 Star Review, Webnovel.

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Destiny's Latest Project

Godfather World Advance Chapter Stockpile in June 2021!​


Together with Krustallos, I bring you my teenage dreams of an original mafia fiction!

Seeing as I want to make this into a manga and a game with my BFF, I decided to retain rights to this creation. If you wish to support my journey for this crazy idea of a mafia world where VR Battle Royale is a thing, please head over to my Patreon and select your advance chapter tier of choice.

USD1 a month = 2 Advanced Chapters a week

USD5 a month = 2 Godfather World Advanced Chapters a week + Time Cross Academy Specials


USD5 a month = 10 Godfather World Advanced Chapters + 2 new a week


USD10 a month = 10 Godfather World Advanced Chapters + 2 new a week

USD25 a month = Read everything I update without limit, fresh from the writer