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Collaboration Works

A comprehensive list of works with other writers, groups or companies.

The Mafia Boss is my Web Novel Fan!

Feat. Aina Wang

Despite being one of the top authors of Wang Novels earning an average of seven hundred fifty dollars monthly, Leona "gingeromance628" Sandersmith still struggles with the debts her late mother left behind.

With her good for nothing brother getting involved with the most dangerous mafia groups, Leona is now taken hostage by the youngest mafia boss in the underworld history.
With a twist of fate, Ignatius Teivel, the young lord of the Teivel Famiglia finds himself playing kidnapper to his favourite web novel author.

As the two of them dance around each other trying to keep their individual secrets, fate continues to mess with them, exposing everything.

How can a nerdy romance author and a blood-soaked mafia boss arrive at the happy ending both author and reader desire?

Series: No

#mafiaromance #actionromance #romcom #shojou #writergirl #badboy #comedy

KDP Book 6x9.png

The Haunted Vibrator

Feat. Goodgrief Sausagepen

When someone tries to break the No Nut November rule, the haunted vibrators will dish out spine chilling, blood-curdling and mind breaking punishments instead of heartwarming, toe-curling, mind-numbing pleasures.


Watch these horny sinners meet their fitting ends. Haunted Vibrators do not discriminate genders, age or sexuality.


If you nut in No Nut November, you get neutered.

Series: Yes

#smut #erotica #magic #sextoy #horror #gore #tentacle #monster #magic #witch #nnn

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