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Ongoing and Completed Series over various platforms. Some works are commercially written while others are written in a true Aitsuji style.
Mafia world cover-02.png

Godfather World

In a world ruled by criminals, civilians live a shit life. A cook gets shot to death for saving a man's life and gets an audience with God.

“Civilians are humans too!” he complained.

As compensation, God shoved him into the body of Zen Taro - the Taro Family’s useless third young master.

Given the ability to learn at hyperspeed, Zen has to find a way to survive this crazy deathtrap of an academy. Armed with only his superior gaming, civilian common sense and cooking skills, watch him survive the crazy VR battle royale in true Zen Fashion.

Status: On-Going

Contract: Non-Exclusive with Goodnovel

#VRMMO #BattleRoyale #Mafia #VirtualReality #Criminals #SchoolLife #Gamer

cover_art_deardon_fanart2_by_ralu11_dftiejn-pre (1).png

Dear Don

"Stay away from humans," Aqua's mother used to tell her. Until the age of eighteen, she spent most of her time in the deep depths of the ocean. Occasionally, she would swim to the pier at night when there were no humans to explore.

One fateful night, a human fell from the sky covered in blood. Using her tears, Aqua saved the mysterious man and spiralled into a life of crime. 

Dawn Daniels did not expect to live. His advisor had betrayed him and tossed him into the cold watery depths. Yet, like a ray of light, he was given another chance to live by a mysterious mermaid like no other maiden.

Touched by her gentle and innocent nature, Dawn tries to live his new life with her but his past catches up to him. In danger, he pushes Aqua away but the mermaid refuses. In tears and shaking as gunshots fired behind them, she looked him in the eye and mouthed, "You'll always be mine!" before plunging them into the ocean.

For the price of granting him a new life with her at the bottom of the ocean, Aqua loses her voice forever. Dawn marries her and promises to take care of her for as long as they live, teaching Aqua how to write.

Follow Dawn and Aqua as they learn more about each other's species and fall deeper each day.

Status: Completed

Contract: Non-Exclusive on Goodnovel

#mermaid #mafia #fluffy #sliceoflife #sweetromance #comedy #fantasyromance

Webnovel Cover.png

Single Dad Alpha

While regular CEOs are Mr Perfects, Richard Taleman wasn't one of those men.


After his son picked up yet another sibling, CEO Taleman, a single father of many, was forced to listen to hire a maid.What will happen when the very capable new maid win the hearts of the Taleman clan and learn their furry secret? Will she stay or will she run away?


Follow the fluffy romance between CEO Taleman, the alpha of his ever-growing family and Emily Horton, a regular household expert.

Status: Completed

Contract: Non-Exclusive on Goodnovel

#fluffy #father #singledad #werewolf #CEO #parenting #cutekids


Time Cross Academy

Amanda Lucifer is the archmage of Time Cross Academy - the best school for all kinds of species. She oversees the best kind of education for her students who are future heirs to their clans or countries as the principal but more importantly, Amanda has a job to keep the population growing. The grand archmage of Time Cross Academy supports love in all forms and mating season is the best season to catch romance in action.

Every year, clans and countries will send their sons and daughters to Time Cross Academy with their children's application form as well as an identification certificate that includes their second gender traits. This year is no different and the archmage looks forward to greeting her new students and tying a few red threads.

Hormones will fly, clans will get allied, mates will be bonded. Everything that happens at Time Cross Academy happens for a reason and nobody shall question the archmage. Let the mating season begin!

Status: Completed

Contract: Non-Exclusive with EMP & Goodnovel

#LGBT #yaoi #boyslove #supernatural #school #anthology #gayromance #omegaverse #abo


Monarch of Solitude: Daily Quest System

Waking up with grave dirt in his mouth, his new life started with death.

Rino wakes up as a lich in the afterlife. The once-respected court magician took a while to understand that his newly found immortality came with a strange responsibility. Marked by the Gods managing the world he destroyed, they sent him to another world with the powers of a lich, doomed to work for all eternity.

"Build us a kingdom and we will let you rest in peace," the Gods told him.

Given a daily quest system to assist him with his kingdom building project, the rebellious Rino built it one body at a time.

"Nobody will disturb my idle days," Rino vowed. "Not humans, nor birds, nor Gods."

Can he successfully thwart all attempts to work? Read to find out.

Status: Completed

Contract: Exclusive on Webnovel

#fantasy #adventure #controversial #system #loner #noromance #kingdombuilding #magic

Ball of Nothing.jpg

Ball of Nothing

I started off as nothing, just a mass of consciousness that slowly evolved. Just your average overpowered existence hungry for a multiverse adventure.

Demons? They are my friends.
Monsters? They are delicacies.
Heroes? Not even equal to the dirt on my boots.
Royalty? Money Machi- Ahem, a pleasure doing business.
Immortals and Gods? Share with me the latest gossips!

With power comes responsibility, but I'm just a ball... or am I just a ball? Watch as I regain my memories and beat up my past self.

Status: Completed

Contract: Exclusive on Webnovel

#fantasy #adventure #controversial #system #genderneutral #noromance #philosophicalfiction


Love Journal - As Told By An Emotionally Constipated Half-Genius

At age 10, Scarlet Liu Xiu Wen was tested with a Mensa IQ of 156.

By age 12, she was publishing books with the pen name Permanent Frost. By age 14, she was a successful vocalist-composer in the band called Britannia. By age 16 Scarlet had a successful career as a model and actress going by the stage name of Liu Xiu Wen.

However, there was a secret that the world didn't know. Away from the limelight, Scarlet took on yet another persona online as Pirate S - the eccentric half-genius. Everyone who lurked in the forums knew her name. Known for her unusual takes on life and mostly popularly for her "Human Observation Diary" blog, Scarlet enjoys the nerd life in secret.

Human Observation Diary has always kept to a very standard format but one day, a reader pointed out that the blog has recently been differing from its usual format. Intrigued by the trigger, Scarlet investigates her latest human observation - an online NEET by the name of Jedd77.

From further interactions, Scarlet finds herself helplessly drawn to him. As their friendship develops into something more, Scarlet has to make a choice.

To give up her secrecy and allow Jedd77 to be a part of her life? Or continue the game of cat and mouse even after the face reveal.

Status: Completed

Contract: Exclusive on Webnovel

#contemporaryromance #strongfemalelead #writer #genius #spy #thriller #filthyrich


Survival Bunker System Developer

Year 2022, the world was infected by a strange disease called PXE22 that started from New York City. As a resident of the city and one of the world's best programmers, Caleb Houston did his best to survive the lockdown.

Less than 100 days after the apocalypse of ghouls, Caleb died.

In the after life, an entity called God granted him a survival bunker system and tasked him with saving humanity. When Caleb came to, he was back to a week before everything went to hell.

Armed with a new ability and knowledge about the future, Caleb seeks to find the scientist in charge of Project PXE22 to find a vaccine for the survivors. As ghouls run rampant around the world, Caleb has to race agat time to collect resources, design a strategy and save humanity.

"Sometimes heroes are simply ordinary people who do extraordinary things."

Status: Completed

Contract: Exclusive on Ringdom

#doomsday #apocalypse #ghoul #scientist #system #rebirth #thriller #programmer #hacker


She Rules The Dungeon

In the year 2050, Earth has successfully eradicated problems such as water shortage and droughts. With advanced technology, it is the age of humans!

With nothing mandatory to do or worry about, humans have launched into things like space exploration, research and experimentation.

Of course, the world government has decreed that those who do not contribute do not get to eat good food. Nobody likes to live on nutrition pills. Who doesn't love good fried chicken?

Driven by the motivation to make lots of credits to increase her social status so that she can eat good food in reality, closet otaku - Otta Olley, spent the credits she saved for the latest 3D Neru-Neru concert to start a dungeon gaming business.

Can she stay out of the red and fulfil her dream of eating first class fried chicken?

Status: Completed

Contract: NA

#dungeon #videogame #virtualreality #friedchicken #business #programmer #genius #foodie

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