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Destiny Aitsuji is a writer with humble beginnings who started writing since 2010.


Till date, her works are still breaking new boundaries and she still supports the underdogs. Destiny takes inspiration from her life experience or lack thereof and transforms it into a whole new world for her readers.


You can find some of her works on:



If you want to support her, please check out her Patreon account.


For more updates on her works, you can follow her on FacebookInstagram or join her discord server. She live streams some of her writing for Patreons and supporters on YouTube so be sure to subscribe!


Some fun facts about Destiny:

  • She likes cats but is allergic to them

  • Usually writes stories revolving around philosophical themes

  • Has a degree in Business Management and worked in the finance industry for a while but quit and is now a piano teacher and tutor while pursuing writing

  • Is still looking for someone who can match her insanity

  • Has no basic survival skills like cooking and driving (but she has a driver's license)

  • Is accident-prone and a danger magnet

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