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Time Cross Academy

Amanda Lucifer is the archmage of Time Cross Academy - the best school for all kinds of species. She oversees the best kind of education for her students who are future heirs to their clans or countries as the principal but more importantly, Amanda has a job to keep the population growing. The grand archmage of Time Cross Academy supports love in all forms and mating season is the best season to catch romance in action.

Every year, clans and countries will send their sons and daughters to Time Cross Academy with their children's application form as well as an identification certificate that includes their second gender traits. This year is no different and the archmage looks forward to greeting her new students and tying a few red threads.

Hormones will fly, clans will get allied, mates will be bonded. Everything that happens at Time Cross Academy happens for a reason and nobody shall question the archmage. Let the mating season begin!

#yaoi #anthology #bl #boyslove #lgbt #multipairing #abo #omegaverse #mpreg

Webnovel Cover.png

Single Dad Alpha


While regular CEOs are Mr Perfects, Richard Taleman wasn't one of those men.

After his son picked up yet another sibling, CEO Taleman, a single father of many, was forced to listen to hire a maid.


What will happen when the very capable new maid win the hearts of the Taleman clan and learn their furry secret? Will she stay or will she run away?


Follow the fluffy romance between CEO Taleman, the alpha of his ever-growing family and Emily Horton, a regular household expert.

#singleparent #kids #stepparent #adorable #children #werewolf #CEO #teacher #orphan #family #fluffy #gentleromance #independentwoman


My Wife is an E-Ghost


Being a poor part-timer, Tynan could only afford a rip-off version of the i-phone called the G-phone. Never in his wildest dreams would he think of getting married to his phone - to be more precise, the thing living in his phone.

She claims to be the E-Ghost residing in the G-phone who surpasses AI like Cortana simply because she possesses intellect of her own. Meet Laura, the ghost that lives in a cell phone. Part spirit and part technology, she makes the perfect life companion Tynan could ever ask for.

Their problem? The G-phone is on a one-year warranty. While they are busy overcoming their dimensional love barrier, G-phone calls. They want to take the phone back.

Can Tynan and Laura 'live' happily ever after?

#system #coma #truelove #fatedlove #younglove #sweetromance #wife #ghost #programmer #depression #fluff #angst #dirtbiker #chef #romcom

TLA Front Cover Smashwords.jpg

The Liberal Assassin


Many galaxies away on a frigid planet called Spxtro, humans are nearly extinct. It is up to the survivors of The Great Combustion to build a new society.

800 years later, under the rule of a corrupt Parliament, humanity is once again divided. The rich lived in the Inner City while the poor lived in the Slums where supplies were scarce. Out of curiosity and mischief, Titus sneaks out of the Academy and the Inner City to visit the Slums. There he met a former hitman who taught him the way of the Slums.

When Mia Elliot's body turned up in the wastelands near the Slums, Titus vows to find and punish the ones responsible for her gruesome death. Some digging revealed the Parliament's involvement and human experimentation.

Can Titus bring down the corrupted Parliament and free Luna from the system?

#scifi #adventure #family #friends #gay #fashion #assassination #psycological #emotional #newlife #justice #comedy

KDP Book 6x9.png

The Haunted Vibrator


When someone tries to break the No Nut November rule, the haunted vibrators will dish out spine-chilling, blood-curdling and mind-breaking punishments instead of heartwarming, toe-curling, mind-numbing pleasures.

Watch these horny sinners meet their fitting ends. Haunted Vibrators do not discriminate against genders, age or sexuality.

If you nut in No Nut November, you get neutered.

#horrorerotica #smut #erotica #horror #witch #magic #monster #tentacles #supernatural #sextoys #R18 #nonutnovember

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