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Time Cross Academy

Amanda Lucifer is the archmage of Time Cross Academy - the best school for all kinds of species. She oversees the best kind of education for her students who are future heirs to their clans or countries as the principal but more importantly, Amanda has a job to keep the population growing. The grand archmage of Time Cross Academy supports love in all forms and mating season is the best season to catch romance in action.

Every year, clans and countries will send their sons and daughters to Time Cross Academy with their children's application form as well as an identification certificate that includes their second gender traits. This year is no different and the archmage looks forward to greeting her new students and tying a few red threads.

Hormones will fly, clans will get allied, mates will be bonded. Everything that happens at Time Cross Academy happens for a reason and nobody shall question the archmage. Let the mating season begin!

#yaoi #anthology #bl #boyslove #lgbt #multipairing #abo #omegaverse #mpreg

Mafia world cover-02.png

Godfather World


In a world ruled by criminals, civilians live a shit life. A cook gets shot to death for saving a man's life and gets an audience with God.

“Civilians are humans too!” he complained.

As compensation, God shoved him into the body of Zen Taro - the Taro Family’s useless third young master.

Given the ability to learn at hyperspeed, Zen has to find a way to survive this crazy deathtrap of an academy. Armed with only his superior gaming, civilian common sense and cooking skills, watch him survive the crazy VR battle royale in true Zen Fashion.

#VRMMO #BattleRoyale #Mafia #VirtualReality #Criminals #SchoolLife #Gamer