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2023 Writing Journey & Goals Review

It's that time of the year again when I look back at the first blog post of the year and ask myself how much of a failure I had been in 2023. This is the blog post if anyone is curious.

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Please wait while I reminisce the silly ambitions I had at the beginning of the year...

Right! Now I recall. Let's get into the dirty details, shall we?

a) Editing Snowball

Never bite off more than you can chew. I definitely added more onto this snowball pile instead of clearing it. In all honesty, what I've done barely scratched that surface. Yet, it feels like forever. My to-do list is infinite.

b) Writing

I covered some writing here. However, I didn't start working on the non-fiction book. Instead, I got therapy that I didn't think I would seek and completed Dear Don. Thankfully, I resumed Godfather World like I said I would and now I have 2 more completed season for it waiting for edits.

c) 2nd channel projects

Some of you have followed me on my second channel where I do song covers and live stream games. I'd say I spent more time invested on this instead of that editing snowball monster. The goal is 300 subs by the end of the year and that might actually happen. Someone already made me a Vtuber wiki so I guess I'm officially one.

d) Yoga & Health

I am keeping up with yoga. However, 2023 is also the year I finally caught covid so you win some, you lose some.

e) Passive Income for Office

I think it's good to even have anything close to a steady income at this point. Forget passive income for now when 90% of my existing students have graduated. I don't know much about next year but at least, my room is getting some minor renovations done to the interior. It's still not soundproof enough for streaming or recording but it's a start at least.

f) Travel

I think the only place that I'm travelling at the end of the year is actually Japan. Although, I won't discount the interesting trip to Sungai Lembing (The Rainbow Waterfall) with my mother! I finally went to a place I've been wanting to visit from before Covid. So there's that!

In conclusion...

I'd say while 2023 was a struggle to enjoy in many ways, I finally have some closure with old chapters of my life. 2024 is the real year everything finally gets unfrozen after 8 years. Hooray for therapy!

Let's release the floodgates!

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