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Adding a Webnovel Discord Bot to Your Writer Server

Updated: Jan 7

It has come to my attention that after Webnovel removed original novels from their feeds, there has been no way to automate discord server announcement for new chapters until now...

Thanks to Proddy#7272 on discord, we now have a way to make these RSS automation messages come true once again! Moreover, it's free for all writers on Webnovel to use!

Patreons to credit: -This could be you. Join now.-

This is the man who made this bot. Do add him if you wish to talk to him. As of now, he has not started a Patreon so I cannot put any other links.

Before we start the detailed explanation, this is the link to add that bot to your server. Please note that at the time of writing this blog post, Discord still has not verified that as an official bot.

Now that you've clicked on that link, let's get started on bot basics.

The basic command for this bot's default is !wn so you can use it to start the !wn help on a test channel.

Do note that any settings for notification posting commands must be created in the channel you use the commands for. I would recommend you temporarily disabling all the see channel permissions for other readers of your server while you set the bot up.

Pretty much everything here is self explanatory from the help directory but for those new to setting up anything on discord, here is the step by step for you by Aitsuji senpai.

1 Go to the channel you want the bot to post automated messages to

2. Click on Edit channel

3. Disable all "See Channel Settings" for roles of people you do not want seeing your channel if you have assigned any. Alternatively, remove see channel permissions for everyone.

4. Go back to your channel and use !wn starttracking releases "[insert your book name here]"

eg: !wn starttracking releases "Godfather World"

You can check if the right book has been succesfully added to the bot's tracking by using !wn books command.

If you made a typo and had the wrong book tracked or wish to remove that, you can use !wn stoptracking releases "[insert your book name here]" to remove that. Again, you can check it on !wn books to see if it has been successfully removed from the bot.

5. Once you tracked the book you want, you can customise a message for the bot to alert your readers or server members by roles or a @everyone ping.

Use !wn set message "[insert book name here]" [my message] to create it.

eg: !wn set message "Godfather World" @everyone New Chapter is out :tada:

Should you need to edit this message, you can use !wn clear message "[insert book name here]" to reset it and repeat the command above to reinput your new message for the book.

6. Repeat the steps above for setting up the bot to monitor more than one book if you have it.


The bot only checks for updates every 5 minutes from the site so if it does not send a message automatically after a chapter's release (it has to be non-privileged chapters) then please wait.

That's all from me. I hope this is useful for all you new Webnovel writers who have never managed a server before!

For anyone who prefers to watch a live video demonstration on how to set up, click here.

If you have any technical difficulties, please do not message me. I will not reply. Look for the bot creator for assistance, that is all.

Thank you for your time!

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