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How to Create a Best Selling Webnovel Idea: Creation Stage

Updated: Jan 7

Welcome back to my humble blog!

This post was created after I made my Youtube Video explaining in details the creation process for a Best Selling Webnovel work idea. It's written from my experience creating Godfather World. For the benefit of those who wish to read or want a quick summary, here it finally is!

Watch the Full Video here:

Please note that the blog post does not cover absolutely everything mentioned in the video. It is merely an effective summary of the main points without examples. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation.

#1: Themes

Tip #1! Select a theme that you have confidence in writing. Choose something that will inspire the creative juices for months to come and not something in a spur of the moment. Writing something you have confidence in will save you a lot of writer blocks in the future when you're dealing with stress from so many other areas. Your content should reflect who you are as a writer in addition to making money.

Tip #2! Study the current trend. What is popular among readers? What do readers want to see? Incorporate them into your new work but don't try to follow it completely. After all, your readers want to read something different that only you can bring to them. Be yourself!

Tip #3! Know your reader market. Especially the ones who would pay to read your work. Study them well and write with them in mind.

#2: Book Cover

Tip #1! Check the size requirements of the book cover on your platform. This saves you the pain of having to redesign when you need to scale up or down on different platforms.

Tip #2! Choose a readable font and colour for the title. The main part of your book cover should tell the readers at one glance what the title is and give them a rough idea of what the story is going to be about.

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Tip #3! Design the cover with your targetted audience in mind. Never mind about the accuracy of the plot. Your cover, synopsis and plot can be very different from each other but your targetted audience must love it. Call it fan service or whatever, as long as it sells and everybody is happy, that's what maters most.

#3: Synopsis

Tip #1! Use the golden synopsis format if you're writing for a webnovel. Don't waste your feature opportunity by writing a non-captivating first line in the synopsis.

Golden Format:

  • "Memorable Quote" - MC name.

  • MC Intro + Golden Finger

  • World Intro + Plot

  • Call to Action (CTA)

#4: First Chapter

Tip #1! Start with an intriguing first paragraph that will make your readers want to know more! Features often only feature up to the first 100 words. Make that opportunity count!

Tip #2! End it with a hook. Cliff hangers are a very effective and classic method of ending a good first paragraph.

Tip #3! Set your chapter's pace. This will be consistent throughout your book. It gives your readers an idea about what to expect in future chapters.

Tip #4! Include an introduction of your main character and world setting. DO NOT info dump, you will scare your readers away. Ease them into it. Keep them entertained.

#5: Beta Readers

Tip #1! Find a group of existing readers who volunteer to read your next work before it is published. The more enthusiastic, the better. Keep the group of beta readers to no more than 10. The more varied in opinions or personalities your beta readers are, the better it is for you as a writer to know where the middle ground is.

Tip #2! Create a Beta Reader Guideline to help them navigate the kind of opinions you would like to hear for each chapter.

If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for any of my on-going works, you can contact me on my discord server!

That's all for today's blog! It's a very quick summary so if you want to know more details, I have included them in my video. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and check out my Patreon where I post all the Blog BTS write-ups and Vlog bloopers!

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