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Japan Journal Day 9: Shibuya & Harajuku on a Wednesday

After the sour ending yesterday, my brother redeemed himself today with an itinerary in Tokyo that made me half forget the sadness of being unable to book the Ghibli Museum tickets. We were headed for Shibuya and Harajuku.

Look at the absolute sadness that was breakfast. The bowl was from Daiso yesterday. Anyway, the amasake (sweet rice wine) had rice in it and tasted kinda alcoholic without the drunk side effect. It's not really my thing but it was worth the try.

Tokyo isn't that huge, but the trains sure were confusing. We found the right train line but came up the wrong exit at Shibuya.

There were so many underground passages that we didn't navigate well.

My brother intended to catch the exit to Shibuya crossing but we missed and ended up on some random bridge leading to a shopping centre.

It didn't really matter. Once we found our way to the ground floor, we hit the convenience store so that my brother could withdraw more jpy. From there, we casually walked around.

These were the legendary expensive Japanese fruits. They looked so perfect, and it was mindblowing. We didn't buy them because we were too broke. Too bad we didn't catch a glimpse of the $1,000 mango.

So the Shibuya crossing was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. For some reason, we ended up running through this crossing about five times in total on this trip hitting different buildings.

First stop! To see the mugiwaras!

We wanted to get to the rooftop for a better view of Shibuya crossing, but the bar wasn't going to let us take a photo for free. The cheapest drink was 500 jpy so this was the second best thing I could do before I left to explore the rest of this building.

I don't actually know all the characters I took pictures of. I see cute and I click away on my phone. Typical tourist.

This store didn't just sell CDs. I didn't think such an archaic thing existed anymore. However, they also sold vinyl records and gramophone machines. It was a different world from the frustrations I faced on Youtube with adblock bans.

This is the One Piece store, and it was smaller than I thought. No photography was allowed inside the store, so I did my best to take the pictures outside. Technically not breaking the rules, right?

I wonder just how much these life-sized figurines would have cost. Japan used to have a Pne Piece theme park, but it closed. If it didn't close, I would have been there for sure!

I would normally opt for the escalator, but the paintings on the stairwell made me curious to know what was waiting on each level.

This is where I said no thank you. Gacha is an addiction I don't want to deal with. I don't want to be here trying to empty every ball from every machine. It would take me weeks!

Out in the wild, I found BL. I'm ashamed to say that I failed to recognise any of the couples this booth sold. I've failed the fujoshis!

MY KINGS! I honestly didn't think they would still be standing. Back in 2017 I was one of the top fanfic writers for this fandom rooting for 1827. To see them alive in Japan, my soul is appeased.

Check out the wall with signatures.

It's canon now that they all reincarnated into the modern world as models. Look at Levi! We stan short kings!

This card collection here has to be worth at least half a million. I don't play Yugioh, but I remember collecting all the cute-looking cards when I was younger.

Look at these clothes! If not for the price tag, I would have totally invested in this fashion. All my current clothes are hand-me-downs from almost a decade ago. I don't handpick my wardrobe unless there is a necessity. Probably why I still look like a child.

These tongue monsters remind me of a pokemon. I think it's Lickitung, but I could be wrong.

These jackets give off the weeb-Bosozoku vibes. Biker gang jackets with embroidered anime murals instead of tattoos. It's not cheap but it's the ultimate flex you can wear at a convention without cosplaying.

Another interesting stair painting.

It's purple and cute so I took a picture.

After leaving the building, we went to the famous shopping building 109 Shibuya. There were many fashionable teens and young adults there that made me feel like I wasn't invited to such a place. Everything in there was expensive and most of the female fashion didn't suit me. They were overly feminine and kawaii.

I took the picture because it was a wedding kimono shop with a moving bear. I don't know why, but this looked more luxurious than all the other clothes. It's at the very top floor.

Eyeball stockings because my eyes are down there too.

This made me approve of the classy design. Compared to all the fluffy and flowery girly stuff, this one screamed woman to me.

These are the type of things the shops there normally sell. I normally don't do Lolita unless it is gothic, but the steampunk design here looks pretty cool, too.

This was in the basement, and to my dismay, they were fully reserved. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen should book in advance!

Next to this was a space for people to stand and eat called the mogu-mogu corner. It was such a funny idea to me.

Spy x Family is very hot in Japan at the moment.

So instead of the Hachiko statue, they made something similar for Bond instead.

Leaving 109, we headed for probably the biggest Don Quijote in Tokyo. We were looking for affordable luggage for my brother but had no luck. I took many pictures of interesting things on the six floor of this building but only bought one UV-proof, light-weight umbrella at the end of it.

At the top floor with recommended souvenirs, I don't think this was a bad idea. I would honestly have gotten a pair myself, except I suck at chopsticks. My friends give me forks when I eat at their homes because everyone knows that I can't Asian well.

I remember my finance manager telling me she bought one set of these knives that her mother loved until it chipped off. Again, this is an investment I would have made if I cooked.

Doll houses in Japan just hit different.

It was a really expensive but yellow suitcase that screamed Japan.

No, it isn't a coffee mug. It's actually a humidifier.

Lego versions of pokemon just feel different. You can create your own pokemon now and that feels so personalised.

These are wooden frames that you can assemble.

That's wood art with the Himeji castle.

The Totoro reminded me of the museum I couldn't go to today. Sadge.

Some of these aren't plushies. They're bags.

I was so surprised to see Minecraft here. Not to mention, it was collaborating with Nerf!

The smallest hair straightener I've ever seen and it has three heat settings. Damn!

We had no idea if this would have worked.

Doll houses in Japan just different.

Idol is also really loved in Japan. Unfortunately, they didn't do Ai justice here.

It's a little questionable how these plushies were approved. They look weird.

For anyone who wants a brain teaser, there is a section with a whole collection.

This took me by surprise. It's adult goods on the inside from vibrators (non-haunted) to fleshlight, there's something in there for everyone who isn't asexual.

I don't know if these were legit cosplay costumes but they looked really good.

I had no idea Gudetama was a Sanrio character!

Anime shirts that didn't fit me. They need to make some for women sizes!

There was a TV on that truck! It was playing an ad, but still... also I didn't get the picture, but following this was a row of 4 people in go-karts driving on the main road. I wanted to drive too!

Lunch here. I'm here to compare with Matsuya!

Pricing wise, this was so worth it.

You'd think I'd have more common sense to order a beef bowl here because that's what Yoshinoya is known for. However, I decided to try the karage instead. It was flavourful but after the third piece of chicken, it was really salty for me.

My brother had some sense to order beef, at least. The salmon wasn't dry either. It was great.

After lunch, we checked out what my brother claimed was the local's version of Don Quijote. The gears were moving from time to time and it was interesting to watch.

Nothing like wine to celebrate the dragon year.

Never thought I'd see sealing wax sold.

These are stamps or chops that looked exactly as illustrated. I'm very impressed.

I was considering to get this colouring book until I remembered I have no time or talent for it. A picture will do.

Stumbled into Muji accidentally and found actual futons.

These mugs were a collection of friends. Would have been great for gifts, one or each of my besties.

Coffee maniacs would rejoice here. Also, yes. They sold the beans behind this.

Eggplant dish just made me laugh. My sense of humour is too broken, apologies.

This is Edward Newgate's sake cup! But to be honest, I don't know anyone else using this for sake drinking apart from Whitebeard.

This is a rice cooker in a cup. I really want this in the new house!

Black knives are real.

Them lego cups were made from ceramic.

I could see through this speaker.

This had a music box inside it with a transparent window so you could watch it as it played.

I don't what these were for but the constant moving was hypnotizing.


For anyone without financial planning or a saving habit, this calendar guarantees you to save $1,000 if you follow its plan and slot the right coin each day.

There was a pop-up store event on the top floor. I absolutely love this manga and anime!

It's so adorable!

Leaving Loft, we found this but didn't go inside. I don't know my disney very well, sorry.

Some of these screens in Tokyo are interesting. We were trying to find the 3D screens. This was curved but not exactly 3D.

We don't have CD players or gramophones but I like their quote.

Big ass lantern.

Are those windmills on the top of the shopping centre? Also, I saw people handing out on the roof garden taking pictures.

I bet this is one of the 3D signboards. It's near Harajuku.

Walking into Harajuku made me remember how much I hated crowds. After avoiding some, I tripped literally into this. We didn't go in but I took a picture.

This was an unexpected find. I saw cat and dog cafes but not owl ones. However, seeing Hamtaro and friends in a cafe was really new to me.

Getting into probably the only anime-related stores in Harajuku that had now transformed into a cafe and teen hangout area more than fashion, we spent some time here.

Just note that this is on the second floor. The first floor is a lingerie shop.

She be looking fine.

Short kings!

Found this random shrine on the way back to the hotel. The rest of the evening was spent resting, getting dinner from the convenience store, writing the blog and arguing with Goodnovel because they were being shady by refusing to pay USD50 for non-exclusive completed works for "low-quality".

I'm not going to advocate anyone to sign with Goodnovel after this came in, and learning that they've been doing this for a while now. I will do a proper stream and blog for this case on a different date. They're a shady company who aren't going according to the contract and have zero transparency or accountability.

This is what they edited after giving the initial USD50 and secretly adjusting it in December. According to their website live page, it is still USD50 without additional terms and conditions. The signed non-exclusive contract also had no such stipulation of payout discrimination. Moreover, no details were given apart from a vague statement from the editor of "stilted" content.

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