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E-Fiction Platforms Review Part 1

Updated: May 9, 2022

In this blog post, I will be covering my opinions and rating of several e-publishing platforms. Webnovels are in the rage and e-fiction apps are popping up all over the place. I've been scouted by many of them and I tested most of them with the help of my very kind cousin who assisted me with the mass uploading for a few of my works.

This first part will be covering FL (Female Lead) story types often indicating Romance genres and LGBTQ+ genres.

For those of you new to writing Web Fictions / E-fictions, there are two main categories of them namely Female audience orientated and male audience oriented.

I have included links to all these sites so you can click on my title subheading to check them out. Without further ado, let's begin the roasting.

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1. Webnovel

User Interface: 4/5

Dashboard Statistics: 4/5 (More stats available for exclusively contracted works.)

Ease of Use: 5/5

Reader Comment Tracking: 4/5 (Does not allow you to view gif comments on PC yet.)

Story Visibility: 4/5 (After 4k words, your original story gets vetted by an editor for more views. If the story is not vetted, the visibility will be close to none.)

Tags: 4/5 (Up to 10 and you can create them.)

Chapter Uploading Ease: 5/5

Chapter Editing Ease: 3/5 (See Aitsuji's thoughts.)

Chapter Deleting ease: 3/5 (Only available for free and non contracted works. Can only delete one at a time and not in batch.)

Story Creation Ease: 5/5 (As long as your account does not have more than 20 ongoing works, you can create on the spot and use the cover maker for a stand-in book cover.)

Story Removal Ease: 1/5 (Does not allow stories to be unpublished or deleted.)

Scheduling Function: 5/5 (Easy to use and reliable.)

Aitsuji's Thoughts: Writing on the platform can be risky save no auto-save function exists. For free to read, you will not get Bold and Italics function in writing either. For exclusively contracted works you cannot edit uploaded and locked chapter past a 100 word +/- range. Chapters also cannot be deleted once contracted.

Recommended: 4/5

2. Moonquill

User Interface: 5/5 (Very clean.)

Dashboard Statistics: 2/5 (Very basic dashboard statistics with reads per book only. Does not have break down of demographic of readers etc. Could be because I'm not a signed author with them.)

Ease of Use: 4/5

Reader Comment Tracking: NA

Story Visibility: 2/5 (Site reader pool is small and older books get more featured and views. Moonquill claims to try fix this algorithm but no changes seen as of blog writing date.)

Tags: 2/5 (Limited up to 5 tags of fixed genre by Moonquill)

Chapter Uploading Ease: 4/5

Chapter Editing Ease: 4/5

Chapter Deleting ease: 5/5

Story Creation Ease: 4/5 (Does not have a cover maker)

Story Removal Ease: 5/5

Scheduling Function: 4/5

Aitsuji's Thoughts: It's good for publishing but no for visibility and community interaction. It is similar to Wattpad and created by unhappy Webnovel writers. They have some sort of publishing contract authors that they help authors publish in paperback. I don't know the details of the program but you can check it out here.

Recommended: 4/5

3. Stary Writing (Dreame)

User Interface: 5/5 (Simple design and straightforward.)

Dashboard Statistics: 2/5 (Very basic stats in numbers similar to with reads, followers and word count.)

Ease of Use: 4/5

Reader Comment Tracking: 4/5

Story Visibility: 3/5 (Number of reads or new writers and non contract works are lower as marketing priorities are not offered for their works. Even contracted works frequently marketed rarely cross 100k reads in total.)

Tags: 3/5 (Plenty of tags from categories to choose from maximum 10 tags. No self created tags.)

Chapter Uploading Ease: 3/5 (There is a 5,000 word chapter limit)

Chapter Editing Ease: 4/5

Chapter Deleting ease: 4/5

Story Creation Ease: 4/5 (Need a book cover made for upload, no cover creator.)

Story Removal Ease: 3/5 (Available for non contracted books only.)

Scheduling Function: 5/5 (Has an auto scheduling function after a 1 time set up.)

Aitsuji's Thoughts: I like the scheduling function here the best although that word limit could be annoying. No fan fictions here, original stories only. Dreame and RIngdom share the same backend platform for publishing as they are both owned by Stary Writing. The contract application process is smooth although their editor turnover rate is very high.

Recommended: 3.5/5

4. Wattpad

User Interface: 3/5 (Does not support mobile publishing.)

Dashboard Statistics: NA

Ease of Use: 4/5

Reader Comment Tracking: 3/5 (It is a feed in the inbox for all likes, comments, chapter updates. Can be very messy when you have many stories and many readers. It is possible to miss some of them even if they give you emailing options to email you new comments. Replying to those comments are a bigger headache. WEbnovel wins in this aspect.)

Story Visibility: 3/5

Tags: 5/5 (Virtually have never seen a limit to them and their tags have ranking for searcher recommendations. You can make your own tags too.)

Chapter Uploading Ease: 5/5 (Has bold, italic, underline and alignment functions)

Chapter Editing Ease: 5/5

Chapter Deleting ease: 5/5

Story Creation Ease: 4/5 (No cover creator.)

Story Removal Ease: 5/5 (Can unpublish or delete entirely)

Scheduling Function: NA

Aitsuji's Thoughts: I actually loved Wattpad although they have room for improvements. It is no surprise I started with fan fictions there and many other e-fiction editors scouted me from it.

Recommended: 4/5

5. Tapas