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From Webnovel to Kindle: Aitsuji's 6.5 Step Guide

Updated: May 9, 2022

So you've read my previous blog and become inspired to move your Webnovel work to Amazon after completion?

Need some tips?

Sempai's got you covered! Here is my special Aitsuji's Guide to publishing on Kindle from Amazon! Oh, the paperback section will be covered in the bonus section so if you wish to make special signed copy giveaways, you should stick with me until then.

Let's begin.

Patreons to credit: Dame Butterfly. -This could be you. Join now.-

#1: Plotting

This is pretty straightforward. Any book requires the plotting step. If you need content plotting tips, check this Outlining blog. If you want to know strategic moves with contracts, read this. If you need sneaky marketing tips, I have you covered here.

Basically, when you plot for a double platform kind of story, take note of the things I mentioned in the previous blog.

#2: Writing

This should take the cake of the process. Many things could happen along the way so the best thing to do is to decide your launch date on Amazon and work the timeline backwards to know how much and how fast you need to be writing your story on the web fiction platform.

A general guideline is to take 3 months for writing, 2 months for editing and 1 month for formatting and publishing. You need to do a lot of marketing at all stages. Create a writing schedule to help you out.

P.S. I intend to create a special Aitsuji merch for writers called a writing planner with some interactive features but I need time to do that. If you're interested, do subscribe to my blog so that you would know when it is out!

#3: Editing

There are two stages for editing. For editing on web fiction platforms, refer to this blog. For editing after you've completed writing on Webnovel, refer to this blog.

Do note that you might need to engage professional services if you're particular about quality for Amazon publishing for editing your manuscript. There are many available on Fiverr and the editor I love is Debz. You can find her here.

Alternatively, yours truly can also help with editing. My prices are listed here. Subjected to timing and availability because I'm absolutely swamped.

#4: Cover Commissioning

As mentioned in my previous blog about copyright images used as covers on e-fiction platforms, going to Amazon is like your debut at a big boy's party. Invest in an appropriate gown or tuxedo, hire some professional to make you look the part even if you don't feel it.

For Kindle covers in ebook, this is the formatting requirements you need to let the designer know. For paperback covers, this is the specifications you might need.

If you want the cheap route, I suggest looking up Youtube tutorials about how to do it yourself via Canva.

#5: Book Formatting

Don't take it from me, refer to Amazon's guide. This is the guide for e-book formatting. Alternatively, you can download Kindle Create to help you. I didn't have this back when I was publishing The Liberal Assassin so I can assure you it was hell.

If you don't like the fixed formatting of Kindle Create and don't feel like trying to understand Amazon's worded guide, search it up on Youtube. There are plenty of people making tutorials for the latest formatting tips.

If you intend to skip the ebook and launch straight to paperback, this is your link to the paperback version of the formatting guide.

#6: Publishing

This is the easy part actually. I'm literally too lazy to write this when so many people have already done it. In case you're a lazy monkey who doesn't know how to use Google, here's the link to a rather comprehensive step by step guide.

**They've recently launched hardcover as an option that I have not tried so I'm excited to know about it!

#6.5: Paperback Test Prints / Author Copies / Author Signied Copies

Basically, this step is optional and only if you're a paranoid freak. Once your book is ready for paperback (and hardcover I presume) you are able to order test prints of them and even live author copies (supposedly at cost price excluding shipping).

Read more about ordering live author copies here. It isn't necessary to order the physical copies but if you wish to gift this to friends or to your fans some signed copies of your print, you may do so at supposedly a more affordable rate.


This blog has been a pain to write because of all the links but I hope it becomes useful as someone's comprehensive reference from the birth to the debut of your book. I'm a little salty that nobody told me all these ten years ago when I decided to start writing and release my own books on Amazon. It was hard but I learned a lot that I'm happy to share now.

Hope to see you succeed with your first Amazon book!

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