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Money Tree Books vs Passion Baby Books

Updated: May 9, 2022

For the longest time, this balance was what I struggled with. The right to unrestricted content creation doesn't exist if you're writing for money. That's a bitter truth to swallow but one that is better to learn sooner than later.

Today's blog might dull the happy new year spirits a little but consider yourself warned before you read further.

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Before I start, let's clarify what I mean by Money Tree Books and Passion Baby Books.

Money Tree Books

These are usually stories that were crafted based on reader demands, trends and can end as suddenly as they appeared. A very good example of this is Monarch of Solitude from my works. It's a sell-out work with many elements that paying readers want to see.

Not all money tree books sell well on the first attempt. Hence, authors usually end them after a certain time if they do not see promising returns. There is no fixed length for a webnovel money tree because the beauty of publishing per chapter means the story can continue indefinitely or abruptly based on reader reaction and earnings.

Passion Baby Books

When I call these passion baby books, please understand that this is not a target at authors who write mainstream or niche. It's just a term I use to describe the kind of stories that a writer loves to write because they are the sole reader of these kinds of things. The writer crafts these works for themselves and not for the sake of the reader hence the reaction of readers and the marketability of these books are often questionable.

A very good example of passion baby books that I've created so far is The Liberal Assassin, Ball of Nothing, Godfather World and more.

If you're a writer who is a lover of mainstream and received great popularity from that, it's great for you. However, if you're a writer of less popular genres like mystery cyberpunk or even historical fiction, you might struggle to find any traction for your reader base. A passion baby book is not defined by the popularity of its success among readers but by how much enjoyment and self-satisfaction a writer gets from doing it.

Now that I've explained them, it's easy to see where your works fall under. In most cases, writers choose to do a hybrid. That's because they want their books to sell and cannot function like a robot simply writing what the trend is like against their preference.

Writers are living and feeling beings. We have preferences too.

Now for the more interesting section that people want to know.

How does one decide between a money tree book and passion baby book?

What should you know before embarking on a journey that might end up in tears, depression and heartache?

Well, first read these two blogs to know what you're really getting into. Then, I'll explain.

Your reading homework:

Done reading? I hope you read it carefully. If you understand the basics of what makes a money tree and a passion book, you understand the mechanics of what would sell and what wouldn't, this is Aitsuji senpai would give tips to budding writers.

Tip #1: Join a competition.

It doesn't matter if that is a money tree or passion baby. Competitions usually garner a lot of hype automatically so if you join one, you will know very quickly if your books will garner traction on that platform or not. What you choose to do after, you could decide.

Tip #2: Which elements of hybrid to include?

For passion babies, if you're determined to do that 100%, you don't need to read this part. However, for everyone else, it is nice to look at the tags provided by your e-fiction platforms and the top tags most used by people. Often, a good rule of thumb is to include 3 of those top trending tags as part of your story's money tree element. As for the plot, you could create it however you like.

Tip #3: Platform matters!

Before I delve into it, you should read the following blogs I made. They might be outdated a little but the gist is there. For starters, it is best to cross-post your new work to as many platforms before deciding on a contract or self-publishing method.

Not all money tree books sell the same. Not all popular books earn the same. Money tree books that work the first time might not succeed the second time. The most important thing to remember is to learn from each failed money tree books and improve from there.

Additional reading:

In conclusion...

There are no right and wrong writers. It depends on your motive for writing. Some people write to feel alive while others simply do it for the money. Each writer who puts in the effort to write something with love, care and consideration is admirable in their own way. Content creation is never easy even if the appreciation for the effort a writer puts in doesn't always pay off equally.

What's most important is the ability to continue enjoying the writing process and becoming a better human by the end of every book. When one chapter ends, a new chapter will begin. Don't let failure become your stumbling block, use that as a stepping stone for greater heights. I believe that the day will come when you can hold both money tree and passion babies in your hands firmly without having to sacrifice anything.

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