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No Nut November Horror Collection

This is a random idea collaboration with Goodgrief Sausagepen because why not?

Disclaimer: I've never done horror before but I have done smut. I decided this could be a good opportunity for two writers to explore possibilities border lining ridiculous and genius.

Patreons to credit: Dame Butterfly. -This could be you. Join now.-

Before some of you point out how this isn't updated with Goodgreif Sausagepen's name on the cover, it is because we entered a Goodnovel Spooky Competition and it is less complicated if one person signed it. Much like how Aina and I collaborated on The Mafia Boss is my Web Novel Fan! we are doing the sign with me as the main writer and contractor.

As this is a relatively short work, I will share some interesting gossip about the birth of this book. FYI the title still cracks me up, ngl.

#1: The Inspiration

If you see the date that the competition started, you will notice it begins on Halloween. Of course, Goodgreif and I didn't actually join right away. We were busy individually and only joined in November.

It just happened to be the month of NNN so we worked on that idea because Goodgrief wanted smut and that was my speciality? I wrote BL more but had a history of writing steamy scenes to help other writers. Writing hetero smut scenes bore me a lot but if my BFF likes it, I guess I can put up with it. She offered as a beta reader and so far, the reactions are great.

#2: The Series Plan

Yes, you read that right. It might be a series if the reception is great. Like not on Goodnovel itself but on Amazon as one of a kind crazy sexy-scary books. NNN is a meme kind of activity but if it were real, I guess karma has a rather nice way of putting people into horny jail.

The idea is to include many sex toys, many ridiculous methods of death and most importantly, many smut scenes that will be way too repetitive. Oh, top that up with gore and messy climaxes. It's going to be so dope.

#3: The Deaths

Right, so this is where the interesting gossip is. Always save the best for the last.

Some of you know that I write lots of fluff, kind of good angst and mostly big-brained works. But I'm not someone who is known for writing cruel gruesome scenes. Heck, even my action scenes are parlour compared to the gurus of webnovel.


That doesn't mean I don't own a kill list. I'm taking this chance to borrow Goodgreif's skill to execute the names on my kill list. Of course, I'm hiding their true identities and giving them commonplace names like Sandra and Hamtaro. You wouldn't know who I want dead. It's naturally exciting and the ideas we generate when talking about ending a person's lifespan is just perfect to go with a cup of oolong tea.

For example, why don't we let her die from cumming too much and onto the wires that drip into the power socket that ends up electrocuting her? Imagine not being able to stop cumming even after death. That would be amusing!

Yes, we're finally showing our true colours in this work. It could feel a little scary but I'll take that as a good sign.

In conclusion...

I'm going to be writing something very out of my comfort zone for the longest time and I hope you would enjoy the journey with me. Please pray for my brain cells. I feel like they're committing suicide whenever I have to write a hetero smut scene.

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