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[OctoBoost Series] Writer's Block

[OctoBoost Series] is a special production by Destiny Aitsuji and Krustallos.

Meet OctoBoost, the optimistic alien octopus from the land of coffee! As a protector of all writers, OctoBoost defends the weak and precious species by working hard behind the scenes. This is a short story of his adventures!

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"I can't do this anymore!" a nameless author cries. "I want to die!"

As if summoned by the miseries of a helpless author, OctoBoost responds once again.

"Halt right there, foul demon! How dare you possess the poor author!"

Stuck in a never-ending loop of depression, the author trembles, unhearing. Her eyes were unseeing, and the blank page traumatises her.

Here it was, the demon that preys on authors - the writer's block!

OctoBoost narrowed his eyes and wobbled his head. The writer's block was a tough enemy to defeat, but if there was one thing this silent superhero knew, it was how tough these writers were. No matter how tough the writer's block was, they would always find ways to overcome it.

"Demon! I will exorcise you tonight!" OctoBoost promised, but the Writer's Block laughed.

For hours, the writer watched k-drama, read manga and played Minecraft. For hours, the blank manuscript cried out in sorrow at the lack of attention. OctoBoost battled with the Writer's Block for hours, with neither side winning. He could feel the effects of his caffeine wearing off, but the Writer's Block demon remained strong!

"This cannot happen!" OctoBoost lamented. In his last-ditch of effort, he triggered a special skill.

"Activate Caffeine Shakes!" he summoned and felt the last of his strength fade.

The writer shook and trembled on her chair. Finally, unable to withstand the intensity of the Caffeine Shake spell, she rushed to the toilet! OctoBoost watched from the mug he resided in and prayed that the Gods in the toilet would lend the writer enough inspiration to defeat the dreaded Writer's Block demon.

Ten long minutes and a flush later, the author walked out determined. She closed all her manga and k-drama tabs and revisited her empty manuscript.

One after another, the page became filled with words. The sound of inspiration tapping against the keyboard drowned out the seducing cries of the bed and the complaints of the Writer's Block demon.

OctoBoost smirked when the author no longer paid any attention to the Writer's Block demon. Eventually, the poor demon became so weak that it had to leave.

"All in a day's work," OctoBoost smirked as the writer reached for another shot of caffeine.

Begone Writer's Block! Caffeine will prevail.

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