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Writing Prompt: Your robot vacuum (somehow) bit you. Now on the full moon, you turn into a Roomba...

It is from Reddit.

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"Ouch!" I checked my toe and it was bleeding. The stupid Roomba that my mom bought for me must be defective. Why else would it deliberately bump onto my foot and nip me on the toe?

"Whatever," I dismissed it and turn the darn thing off. I should get a plaster for this.

Nothing much happened over the next few days with the exception of my toe being a bitch when I had to shower. However, something strange happened on the night of a full moon.

Asleep, I was not expecting to be woken up by the sound of something bumping into my furniture. I live alone.

Daring myself to open my eyes as the bed beneath me swayed, I finally understood that it wasn't something but someone bumping into furniture in the dead of the night. As crazy as it sounded, I think I understood how Alice in Wonderland felt when she shrank. Everything was so familiar yet unfamiliar as this thing that wheezed around, knocking into furniture before turning in a new direction to run.

It was with much difficulty that I finally caught onto something with my arms. Even with this new size, I was still familiar with my apartment to hoist myself up the dressing table to check out what was going on.

"Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights!" I called out.

As the lights came on, I finally understood what happened. Even with my arms and legs, I became short. In fact, it wasn't just my height that changed. I was no round, made of plastic and built with a desire to clean continuously.

"What the Roomba?!"

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