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Ending Monarch of Solitude

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Hola! Yes, Monarch of Solitude is officially completed.

I know I said that I planned 4 seasons for the story but you only see 2 seasons. There's a very good reason for this and it was all monetary.

Patreons to credit: Dame Butterfly. -This could be you. Join now.-

You see, the reason why I wrote that kingdom building book was for the sake of participating in the Webnovel Spirity Award 2021 competition that ended up overwhelming the content editor team that more than half of them resigned simultaneously after it ended. There were almost 80,000 new entries and mine was just 1 of the 80,000 new submissions.

Can you imagine the intensity of the competition?

Long story short, I saw that the book had no earning potential past the initial 4 months of MGS earnings so I asked a few friends (Droopyghost and Sunscar9) for advice. I had two options because by the time MGS was approaching the end, I was only nearing the end of season 2.

The first route was more mentally taxing. I could complete writing all 4 seasons for the story how I planned it and spend another 6 months dying over deadlines for daily updates while making miserable amounts from my writing.


I could quit while I was ahead and thank Webnovel for that USD800 payout over the period of 4 months for my MGS and the new 6,000 collections I gained from the in-app exposure during the competition.

My decision was made quickly. I wasn't going to make the mistake I made with Ball of Nothing. There was no merit in pouring my soul into something so soul-sucking. After all, there is a huge difference between creating a profitable book and a passion story. I had my exit strategy before even I embarked on this journey so I quickly plotted a way to wrap my book up by the time I finish MGS.

The ending was abrupt and could feel disappointing to paying readers who expected more. However, I honestly had enough of researching things like blast furnaces and their chemical reactions or even the mechanics of a grindstone. I thank Maomi (previously known as Momocatt) for encouraging me to explore different genres. Kindgom Building and Virtual Reality were some of the things she urged me to explore because she thought I would do well.

Kingdom Building wasn't as fun but it might be due to how technical I became whilst writing. Monarch of Solitude tested my patience and stretched my brain cells trying to understand physics and chemistry that I returned to my teachers almost a decade ago. Thankfully writing Virtual Reality in Godfather World was a lot easier.

Did I achieve what I expected to achieve from writing Monarch of Solitude?

Partially. At least I learned how to survive an apocalypse from the knowledge I gained writing it even if I didn't make the money I hoped for.

Do I regret writing Monarch of solitude?

Surprisingly, no. I did gain a good number of people who followed me on all my other social media telling me how much they loved the craziness they read. As a sweet bonus, I managed to roast a few toxic readers and filed a complaint to Webnovel's customer service to get them banned from commenting, not that it helped because after the temporary ban they came back to spew more shit that I promptly deleted because they didn't deserve to exist.

In conclusion...

Not a total waste like the Survival Bunker System Development because there are actually a good number of people reading and paying for it. I would do this again after I complete the editing hell that has finally come to haunt me.

Please look forward to [My Wife is an E-Ghost!] on Amazon! I'm making progress but slow progress is still progress. I promise I have not forgotten about it!

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